The user who runs the ‘World Series of Trading’ competition has a profit of 4000%

A trader managed to make a profit of more than 4,000% in just three weeks as part of the World Series of Trading (WSOT). A competition organized by the Bybit cryptocurrency exchange.

Use your twitter name to enter the competition. Tekila sauce appears in the WSOT troop rankings, Put his team in the lead with profits of 4,495.95%. The dealer only started the competition 0.19 Bitcoin (BTC), but managed to turn that into roughly 8.76 BTC over the course of the competition.

The dealer appeared on Tone Vays’ YouTube channel on August 25th. to talk about the competition and reveal that The strategy is mainly focused on short-term trading called scalping. He also noted that he used a riskier money management strategy in the early days of competition, given the pace it took to make a profit.

The user who runs the ‘World Series of Trading’ competition has a profit of 4000%
The user who runs the ‘World Series of Trading’ competition has a profit of 4000%

Bybit kicked off its first WSOT on August 10th with two main categories: the BTC team, also known as the BTC troop, and the individual USDT. On the troop side, the category in which SalsaTekila competes, traders gathered a group of members to form teams that would collectively compete for the best average profit / loss (PL) by trading Bitcoin USD perpetual exchange contracts. in bybit. There are also prizes for the best individual results and revenue among all dealers in the Troop Department.

Jalapeno, The SalsaTekila team is currently number one, with SalsaTekila posting the best income statement. A team named W.T.C comes in second at the time of this writing. A dealer under the label junki84 leads his team and makes an impressive additional profit of 3,591.56%. Starting with just 0.30 BTC, junki84 has worked its way up to 11,206 BTC since the competition began. While SalsaTekila tweeted about the competition, she often referred to its rivalry it shares with junki84 as the two battle for the top spots in all three categories.

The competition, which ends on August 31, consists of 135 teams with a total of 10,240 dealers.

Cointelegraph asked SalsaTekila for a comment. and this story will be updated when we get a response.

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