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The US supports the governments of Latin America to prevent Cuba and Venezuela from “kidnapping” the protests

December 2, 2019
El secretario de Estado norteamericano, Mike Pompeo

The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo – DEPARTMENT OF STATE


The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, said Monday that they are working to support the “legitimate” governments of Latin America against social mobilizations and to prevent them from being “kidnapped” by Cuba and Venezuela.

“We have seen protests in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador. They are a democratic expression and governments must respect those protests,” Pompeo said during an act at the University of Louisville, Kentucky. However, he has warned that they will continue to support these countries “to prevent Cuba and Venezuela from kidnapping these protests, so that these legitimate governments prevent such protests from becoming riots and violence, which do not reflect the will of the people. We will remain vigilant. “, he pointed out.

In particular, Pompeo has referred to Bolivia. “Bolivians are rebuilding their democracy. No one in the region thinks that authoritarianism is the way to go with exceptions such as Cuba, Nicaragua or Venezuela,” he said in his speech, broadcast on video by the State Department.

Thus, he recalled the expulsion of thousands of Cuban doctors from Bolivia by order of the Government established after the resignation of President Evo Morales, forced by the Army. “They were really working for the (Cuban) government. They send doctors all over the world to traffic and generate income for the Cuban leadership and they receive between 20 and 30 percent of what they generate,” he said.

In addition, Pompeo has defended the return to the sanctions policy because he considers that the Human Rights situation did not improve with the approach promoted by former President Barack Obama and “also his capacity to influence Venezuela increased.”

Precisely about Venezuela has mentioned “containment” as the main diplomatic tool. With regard to the use of force to achieve a regime change, it remains “an option that is on the table”, but has also warned that “by history we know that resorting to military force poses significant risks.”

In that sense he has argued that “we must understand that we live in this nation so incredibly exceptional, that we have the enormous privilege of being American citizens, that we have a special role to play in the world, but our power is not unlimited.”

“Instead, we work to deprive Maduro and his cronies of income,” he has argued, and has referred to the combination of pressure and containment that caused the Soviet Union to fall “very fast.”