The US Senate passes a law to curb China’s economic influence

The U.S. Senate on Tuesday approved a bill to curb China’s economic influence, which is expected to invest more than $ 200,000 million in technology, science and research in the North American country.

According to CNN, the bill had 68 votes in favor, a majority of Democrats, with the exception of Senator Bernie Sanders, and 19 Republicans versus 32 against.

A major proponent of the bill, Chuck Schumer, Chairman of the Democratic majority in the United States Senate, said before the vote that “the bill will end up being one of the most memorable in history”. Important things that this chamber has been doing for a long time, “said the Bloomberg agency.

The US Senate passes a law to curb China’s economic influence
The US Senate passes a law to curb China’s economic influence

“Whoever wins the race for the technologies of the future will be world economic leaders, with profound consequences for foreign policy and national security,” he added.

For his part, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, welcomed the Senate’s decision. “This legislation addresses key elements that were included in my American employment plan, and this bipartisan effort encourages me to promote those elements separately through this bill,” he said in a White House statement.

“We are in a competition to win the 21st century and we started it a long time ago,” said Biden, also considering that the United States cannot take chances as “other countries continue to do their own research and invest in development ”. “to be left behind.”

“The United States must maintain its position as the most innovative and productive nation in the world,” he decided.

The measure is supported by the Biden administration, but has yet to be accepted by the House of Representatives, whose leaders are still publicly committed to it. With this in mind, Biden has expressed an interest in “working with the House of Representatives on this important law” and “putting it into law as soon as possible”.

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