The US prosecutor orders that a large jury decide whether there is a basis for a trial against Trump

The New York Public Prosecutor’s Office has ordered the creation of a large jury to determine whether there are reasons to initiate proceedings against former US President Donald Trump for possible crimes by his business conglomerate, the Trump Organization.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. recently issued the order with no further details currently available, according to sources quoted by the Washington Post. This grand jury is to meet three days a week for six months.

The news in the American newspaper came a week after the New York Prosecutor’s Office announced it was launching a criminal investigation into the Trump organization, as the investigation into possible tax crimes includes alleged commission of crimes.

The US prosecutor orders that a large jury decide whether there is a basis for a trial against Trump
The US prosecutor orders that a large jury decide whether there is a basis for a trial against Trump

Trump responded to reports from The Washington Post, saying that “this is a continuation of the largest witch hunt in United States history”. “It started the day I got off the Trump Tower escalator and it never stopped,” he said in a statement.

In it he criticized that “they spent two years and $ 48 million () in taxpayers’ money on (Special Prosecutor Robert) Müller and Russia, Russia, Russia, the farce of the first impeachment, the farce of the second” impeachment “. And continues to this day with confidential information leaked illegally. “

“No other president in history has succumbed to what I have done, and besides, I’ve done a great job for the country, be it taxes, regulations, the army, veterans, special forces, borders, quickly creating a great vaccine, which is supposed to be a miracle and protect the second amendment (of the constitution), “he said.

Because of this, Trump has insisted that “this is pure politics” and “an affront to the nearly 75 million voters” who bet on him in the November 2020 presidential election. “It is promoted by highly partisan democratic prosecutors,” has been criticized.

“The city and state of New York face the highest crime rates in their history. Instead of persecuting murderers, drug traffickers, human traffickers and others, they are persecuting Donald Trump,” he said.

Trump has also pointed out that it is “interesting” that a poll “puts him” very at the top “given the Republican primaries and the 2024 general election,” before pointing out that “the country is broken by the elections are “manipulated, corrupt and stolen. Prosecutors are politicized.” “I will continue to fight as I have done for the past five years,” he added.

It’s not the first time Trump has referred to the investigation against him in this way. As early as February, he called the investigation into possible personal tax crimes and his commercial center “fascist” and pushed ahead “for political reasons” after the Supreme Court rejected his appeal to avoid filing his tax returns to a newcomer for the past eight years York court.

Trump has several open justice fronts, but one of the most important is the fraud investigation that New York State is conducting into the North American tycoon’s affairs, unrelated to the decisions made since he came to power in 2016.

In particular, the New York Attorney’s Office is investigating possible crimes related to the Trump Organization, the Trump-founded corporate conglomerate suspected of falsifying records, tax fraud, or insurance fraud.

On the flip side, New York Attorney General Letitia James is investigating four Trump Organization real estate projects and their failed attempt to buy the Buffalo Bills rugby team. In this case, the investigations are civil and not criminal, but it cannot be ruled out that they can be diverted to the other route if there are indications.

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