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The US is committed to “maintaining pressure” on Maduro to achieve “free elections” in Venezuela

December 20, 2019


The US special envoy for Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, has defended on Friday that “pressure should be maintained” on the Government of Nicolás Maduro to get “free elections” in the Caribbean nation.

Abrams has reiterated that the solution to the Venezuelan crisis is to hold “free and transparent presidential elections.” “Venezuelans want their country back,” he said in an appearance to address the situation in Venezuela at the end of the year.

To achieve this goal, he has advocated “maintaining pressure on the regime,” pointing specifically to the need to “take measures to prevent the worsening of the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela,” according to the press office of the self-proclaimed “president in charge. “from the country, Juan Guaidó.

On the possible resumption of negotiations between the Government and the majority opposition that Captain Guaidó, for which some voices raise the inclusion of key actors, including the United States, Abrams has recognized that Washington has “ways” to talk with Caracas, ” but at this time there are no conversations. ”

In addition, he has ratified the support of the Donald Trump Administration to Guaidó, trusting that on January 5 he will be re-elected as head of the National Assembly and, therefore, “president in charge” of Venezuela.

“For now he has the votes,” he said, being aware that the figures could vary in these weeks, due to the judicial maneuvers of 'Chavismo' to reduce the opposition majority in Parliament, as he has denounced.

This week, the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) has ordered four opposition deputies to be prosecuted for their alleged involvement in the corruption scandal in the National Assembly. There are already 30 opposition deputies who have been stripped of their parliamentary immunity this year to face a process of different nature.