The US is calling on Venezuela to put an end to “human rights abuses” and Caracas accuses it of “violating” them

The United States has demanded that Venezuela put an end to “human rights violations” and return to political negotiations with the opposition “human rights” of Venezuelans.

In a press conference, US State Department spokesman Ned Price stressed his support for the talks between the government of President Nicolás Maduro and the opposition, which should lead to “the peaceful restoration of democracy that the Venezuelan people want and deserve” with such fervor. “

The US is calling on Venezuela to put an end to “human rights abuses” and Caracas accuses it of “violating” them
The US is calling on Venezuela to put an end to “human rights abuses” and Caracas accuses it of “violating” them

“They must work to end the regime’s human rights abuses and alleviate Venezuela’s terrible humanitarian suffering and end a long-running crisis,” Price said.

Recently, the Maduro government announced that it would abandon negotiations over the arrest of the Colombian businessman and alleged front man of Venezuelan President Alex Saab, who is accused of money laundering and participating in a bribery scheme.

Price has assured that prior to making this decision, the government “made it very clear that it once again puts its interests above the interests of the Venezuelan people” and that it is “one person above the well-being and livelihood of millions of Venezuelans.”

In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that the Venezuelan people “have made clear their aspirations for democracy, more freedom, prosperity and alleviation of the humanitarian suffering inflicted by the regime”.

The reaction of the Venezuelan government was not long in coming and the State Department issued a statement in which it “categorically” rejected Price’s statements which “shows that his government is acting as a powerful world machine for systematic human rights violations and the blatant and persistent violation of international law on a global scale “.

“Today the United States government, protector of the Venezuelan political extremist class, has made the worst exercise of falsehood and immorality by pretending to stand up and speak on behalf of the Venezuelan people when in reality it is a savage executioner who defends human rights has massively and systematically injured our people, “they denounced from Caracas.

In addition, regarding the extradition of Saab from Cape Verde to the United States for trial in Miami, Foreign Affairs has recalled that Washington has taken “an illegal action” in opposing the decision of the United Nations Human Rights Committee has violated the Africana nation to “refrain from extraditing the Venezuelan diplomats”. “These actions show the US government’s contempt for international law,” he criticized.

For these reasons, the Venezuelan authorities refer to the maneuver as “kidnapping” and consider it “one of the worst attacks” in the history of the South American nation.

Finally, from Caracas, they have expressed their firm intention to denounce this “violation of the law” and confirmed that they will take their complaint to “all the instances” necessary to seek “justice”.

On the other hand, the Venezuelan State Department criticized that if the US judicial system were “as independent and fair” as it claims it should prosecute “international crimes by its allies in the region like Colombia”.

In this context, the Venezuelan government has accused its neighbor of being the “first cocaine producer and the third largest in organized crime in the world”.

He has also drawn attention to the “ties” of the country’s self-proclaimed “responsible president”, Juan Guaidó, whom the United States is “helping to profit from the looting, expropriation and theft of property”.

Earlier, Price announced that Foreign Minister Antony Blinken would travel to Colombia and Ecuador Tuesday through Thursday to move towards ensuring stability in the region, the “peaceful restoration of democracy” in Venezuela and other “broader issues”.

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