The US insists on civil government for Sudan amid new pro-military protests

US Envoy to the Horn of Africa Jeffrey Feltman underscored Washington’s support for a democratic transition to civil rule in Sudan in discussions with the Chairman of the Governing Council and the Prime Minister, amid renewed protests this Sunday, about the transfer of full power the military.

The envoy has urged all parties to reassign themselves to cooperation in the implementation of Sudan’s Constitutional Declaration, which was signed after the 2019 uprising that led to the ousting of dictator Omar al Bashir, according to the U.S. Embassy in Sudan via its Twitter Account has announced.

The US insists on civil government for Sudan amid new pro-military protests
The US insists on civil government for Sudan amid new pro-military protests

Feltman met with Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok as well as the chairman of the Sovereign Council, General Abdelfatá al Burhan, and his deputy, General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo.

After meeting with Feltman, Burhan praised US support for Sudan’s transition to democracy and stated that the military is striving for this transition, in comments on the Sudan Akhbar news portal.

Al Burhan reiterated the armed forces’ interest in protecting the electoral and democratic transition, and reaffirmed the guarantees that no training could interfere with the holding of the elections.

“The executive branch cannot be monopolized by certain parties that do not represent all sects of the people,” said Al Burhan, referring to the ruling split in Sudanese citizens’ movements that sparked the 2019 protests, the seed of the overthrow of dictator Al Bashir .

Meanwhile, dozens of people took to the streets again this Sunday to call for the military to take full power in the face of disillusionment with the civil groups of the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC), which are currently affected by internal divisions.

A group of protesters have returned to sit in front of the presidential palace before closing the Mak Nimr Bridge, which connects the capital with the northern periphery, in both directions. Police had to use tear gas to disperse another group of people who had concentrated on the Nile Strait, one of the most important in the capital.

At the moment there are no records of deaths from these new riots.

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