The US, Germany and Turkey lead the search interest in Ethereum

The United States is the country most interested in Ether (ETH), followed by Germany and Turkey. An analysis of the search data showed this.

A report from, as reported by Finbold, showed 1,116,000 searches per month for the term “ether” from the USAWithout searching through budding chemists, This corresponds to around 36,000 internet searches per day for the world’s second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Germany and Turkey followed with 736,300 and 408,500 searches per month, respectively.Among the top three Germany contained the most searches for ether per capitawith 9.46 searches per 1000 internet users, compared to 3.57 in the United States.

The US, Germany and Turkey lead the search interest in Ethereum
The US, Germany and Turkey lead the search interest in Ethereum

Switzerland, which was ranked 12th on the listshowed the highest concentration of search interests with 11.79 search queries per 1,000 Internet users.Great Britain ranked sixth on the listwith 230,000 searches per month, which equates to 3.53 searches per 1,000. The highest concentrations of interest came from western countries, where widespread internet access is most widespread.

The data from Google Trends shows a significant increase in the number of queries to Google about Ethereum since the beginning of 2021, with searches that have hit an all-time high to date. The price of ether has risen nearly 400% since January alone, rising from around $ 700 to its current value of $ 3,460With the rise in the dollar value of Ether, its dominance in the ranking of market capitalization for cryptocurrencies also increased. In early May, ether made up almost 20% of global market capitalization.

A recent report showed that Ether’s investment products continued to boom this monthalthough the price of the coin has fallen nearly 25% from its all-time highEthereum’s transaction fees fell above the price of its coin, falling 71% from their recent high.

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