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The US considers a “shame” for Spain to the disappearance of Venezuelan General Hugo Carvajal

November 14, 2019
Hugo Carvajal

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The special envoy of the United States for Venezuela, Elliot Abrams, highlighted on Wednesday that it is a “great shame” for Spain the disappearance of Venezuelan general Hugo Carvajal, former head of Intelligence in the Government of Hugo Chavez, who is looking for the National Police after communicating to the National Court the extradition order to the United States for crimes related to drug trafficking.

The US considers a “shame” for Spain to the disappearance of Venezuelan General Hugo CarvajalThe US considers a “shame” for Spain to the disappearance of Venezuelan General Hugo Carvajal

“The escape from Carvajal is a great shame, of course, for the Government of Spain,” he said during an act of the American-Venezuelan Alliance held in Washington.

Abrams has clarified that Carvajal was “in theory under house arrest” and that “one of the courts made an incomprehensible decision against the possibility of extraditing him to the United States.”

“Then another court said that he had to be extradited, so they went to his house and oh, what a surprise, he is not here. It is a shame and we hope that the Police will find him, arrest him and extradite him to the United States,” he said. .

In this regard, he stressed that “the case of Carvajal shows an American principle: if there are sanctions against you, they can be reversible … but the criminal accusations are not the same.”

“If you traffic with drugs to the United States we will go after you. If they have accused you, go and hire a lawyer and talk to the Department of Justice and see if you can get an agreement. It has nothing to do with the Treasury or the State Department. That is the message. If you traffic with drugs we will go for you, “he said.

Regarding the Spanish position, he said he believes that “Spain is more familiar with the situation in Venezuela than many European countries.” “We maintain a good collaboration with Spain on many issues,” he said.

Carvajal, who was head of the Venezuelan military Intelligence in the time of Hugo Chávez, is claimed by the United States for illicit association and trafficking of narcotics and weapons in the context of its relations with the guerrilla of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC ).

On September 16, the Third Section of the Criminal Chamber of the National Court rejected the delivery of Carvajal to the United States alleging that, although the extradition order was based on charges for drug trafficking, “it could be understood” underlying “a political motivation “, thus coinciding with the arguments used by the former Chavista's own defense.

The court presided by Judge Alfonso Guevara also attributed his decision to the lack of specificity of the facts that are imputed to him and the fact that he would have committed them in the framework of his performance as a general and, therefore, would be military crimes, which necessarily implies the denial of delivery.

However, the Plenary of the Criminal Chamber reversed the decision of the Third Section at its meeting last Friday, so the National Police received official communication from the National Court to proceed to the arrest of Carvajal.

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