The US believes that Iran shot down the damaged Ukrainian plane in Tehran, according to CBS

Avión ucraniano estrellado en Teherán

Ukrainian plane crashed in Tehran – Arash Khamooshi

Ukraine shuffles as one of the assumptions of the incident that the device was shot down by a Russian-made missile


The US authorities believe that Iran shot down the Ukrainian plane that crashed on Wednesday after taking off in Tehran, claiming the lives of 176 people traveling aboard, according to the CBS American chain, a thesis that has come to endorse a certain measure the president himself, Donald Trump.

The US believes that Iran shot down the damaged Ukrainian plane in Tehran, according to CBS
The US believes that Iran shot down the damaged Ukrainian plane in Tehran, according to CBS

According to the sources consulted by this means, intelligence information collected after the incident, which occurred hours after Iran attacked two military bases in Iraq in which US military are deployed in retaliation for the death of General Qasem Soleimani in a bombing American in Baghdad, points in this regard.

Thus, it was detected that a radar signal was turned off and the US satellites detected two launches of ground-to-air missiles, which occurred shortly before the plane exploded.

Federal authorities have received this intelligence information on Thursday and, according to one of those attending the meeting, missile components would have been found near the site of the incident.

Asked about the accident this Thursday, Trump said he had his “suspicions.” “I don't want to say it because other people also have their suspicions,” he said.

“It's something tragic, but someone could have made a mistake on the other side,” he added. “I was flying through a very hard neighborhood and someone could have made a mistake,” he insisted. “Some people say it was (a fault) mechanic. I personally don't think that is the question,” he has settled.


Tehran has released on Thursday the preliminary report of the Civil Aviation Agency on the accident of the Boeing 737 of the Ukrainian airline Ukraine International Airlines, in which it is noted that the pilot of the aircraft did not warn of failures in the device and that he suffered a fire before crashing.

The director of the National Civil Aviation Agency of Iran, Alí ​​Abedzadé, has explained that the investigators have recovered the two 'black boxes' of the wrecked aircraft and has indicated that the devices have “damages” derived from the fire and the accident.

As for the development of the flight, he said that the pilot did not send any message informing of flight failures or anomalies and that several witnesses on the ground have reported that the plane suffered a fire before crashing shortly after taking off from the Imam Jomeini International Airport from Tehran.

“According to the witness account, both people on the ground and technicians who saw the plane flying, a fire was detected on the plane and then the device crashed to the ground. The trajectory of the plane indicates that it was going west first, turning after the problem, and I was returning to the airport at the time of the accident, “he explained.

In this regard, he pointed out that the aircraft had a first impact on the ground in a park and then continued to suffer other blows against the surface until it was on the ground with serious structural damage.


Meanwhile, the secretary of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council, Oleksei Danilov, said Thursday that his country is analyzing four theories behind the incident, including the possibility that the device was shot down by a manufacturing land-air missile Tor Russian

“Experts are studying several theories behind the sudden fall of the plane,” he explained in a message on Facebook. As he said, the main one is that he was “shot down by an anti-aircraft missile, including the Tor missile system, as there are information on the Internet that fragments of the Russian-made missile have been found near the scene of the accident.”

It is also being considered, according to Danilov, that the device will hit a drone or other flying object, as well as “the destruction and explosion of an engine for technical reasons and an explosion inside the plane as a result of a terrorist attack.”

The person in charge has clarified that the Ukrainian government team in charge of investigating the accident is already in Tehran and is made up of 45 representatives from twelve ministries and agencies, according to the news agency Ukrinform.

Among the members of the research team are some of the experts who participated in the international investigation of the demolition of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in July 2014 in Ukraine with a Russian-made missile.

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