The US Army chief admits that China’s hypersonic missile test is “very worrying”

The chief of the United States’ Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley, said Wednesday that the hypersonic missile test carried out by China in August was “very worrying” and had “all the attention” of Washington.

In an interview with Bloomberg Television, Milley described the test, which the Financial Times first reported a week ago and which Beijing denied, as an exercise “in a hypersonic weapon system” that included “a very significant technological event” ” .

The US broadcaster CNN reported that the head of the US Army had given the test the first official recognition by the US Department of Defense, which had not yet commented on the information on the test.

The US Army chief admits that China’s hypersonic missile test is “very worrying”
The US Army chief admits that China’s hypersonic missile test is “very worrying”

He also stated that the test was “very close” to a “Sputnik moment”, referring to the launch of the Soviet Union’s satellite in 1957, which marked his lead in the “space race” with the United States. Some analysts have suggested that the Chinese test could fuel an ongoing technology race between the superpowers.

With that in mind, Milley has warned that Beijing’s military capabilities are “much greater” than the Test and are “expanding rapidly in space, cyberspace and traditional areas”.

The Chinese government denied testing a hypersonic missile with nuclear capabilities last week in response to information released by the Financial Times, which cited various sources to prove that the Chinese armed forces were in an unsuccessful test that an alleged hypersonic missile crossed Earth orbit before impact. Beijing assured that it was a routine test of a spacecraft, so nothing with an alleged weapons program.

The test apparently ended in failure as the projectile would have landed 15 kilometers from the target, but according to the aforementioned British newspaper, it took US intelligence by surprise because of the Asian giant’s advanced technology.

The US and Russia are also working on hypersonic missiles that travel at five times the speed of sound and can maneuver in flight, making them much more difficult to track.

In recent months, US military officials have warned of China’s growing nuclear capacity, particularly after the release of satellite imagery of the construction of more than 200 ICBM silos.

China is not bound by any arms control treaty and has refused to enter into talks with the US about its arms arsenal and nuclear policy.

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