The US announces an agreement with Turkey for a ceasefire in its offensive against Kurdish forces in Syria


The vice president of the United States, Mike Pence, announced on Thursday a ceasefire agreement in northern Syria to allow the withdrawal of Kurdish forces from the 'safe zone' demanded by Turkey.

“The United States and Turkey have agreed to a ceasefire in Syria,” he said, before adding that Ankara “will pause the 'Operation Peace Spring' to allow the withdrawal of the YPG – the Kurdish militia Popular Protection Units (YPG ) – from the 'safe zone' for 120 hours. ”

The US announces an agreement with Turkey for a ceasefire in its offensive against Kurdish forces in Syria
The US announces an agreement with Turkey for a ceasefire in its offensive against Kurdish forces in Syria

Pence, who met during the day with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said that “all military operations will be paused and the 'Operation Peace Spring' will be stopped completely once the withdrawal (of the YPGs) is completed. “.

“We have begun to facilitate its safe withdrawal from the 20 miles (about 32 kilometers) in the area south of the Turkish border,” he said at a press conference, while stressing that there is an agreement with Turkey to that “do not initiate military operations against KobanI”.

He also said that both countries “commit to a peaceful resolution for a 'safe zone', working on an international basis, to ensure that peace and security define this border area of ​​Syria.”

“In addition, Turkey and the United States have pledged to defeat Islamic State activities in northeastern Syria and coordinate efforts at detention facilities and displaced persons in areas previously controlled by Islamic State.”

Pence has emphasized that Erdogan has moved “the priority of respecting vulnerable human lives, Human Rights and religious and ethnic communities in the region.”

“I have spoken with (President of the United States, Donald) Trump and I know he is very grateful for Erdogan's willingness to launch the ceasefire and give an opportunity for a peaceful solution to this conflict that began a week ago. “, has revealed.

In this regard, he has argued that the agreement is a solution that “will save lives” and that “makes a great contribution to security in the region” and the “lasting relationship between the United States and Turkey.”

The US vice president stressed that Washington “will not have military personnel on the ground” to ensure compliance with the agreement and has stressed that “I will continue to act diplomatically, politically and on a humanitarian level.”

Pence has also indicated that, had this agreement not been reached today, the US government would have announced “massive sanctions” against Ankara.

“The president (Trump) has decided to withdraw the economic sanctions (announced earlier this week) once the operation is completed,” he said, before stressing that once the ceasefire is under way Washington “will not impose new sanctions” against Turkey


After that, Trump has stressed through his Twitter account that “this agreement could never have been reached three days ago.” “It was necessary that there was some 'hard' love to achieve it. Great for everyone. Proud of everyone,” he said.

Minutes before the appearance of Pence, the president had stressed that there was “great news from Turkey” and thanked Erdogan. “Millions of lives will be saved,” he settled.

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