The university in Colombia launches the IBM quantum computer course, the first in Latin America

An alliance between the EAFIT University of Medellín in Colombia and the software giant IBM will enable the training of teachers at the Colombian University of Quantum Computing. the first of its kind in the region.

According to the university’s official blog, EAFIT is the first institution in Latin America to develop the IBM Skills Academy’s quantum computing course, as well as fourth-generation blockchain programs and other disruptive technologies.

“This alliance aims to provide students with skills in emerging digital areas that will enable them to use new technologies to transform current business models. This takes into account the transformation of the workforce that is taking place in the world and taking place in the context of the fourth industrial revolution, ”explains Luis Fernando Rendón Cortés, Director of Permanent Education at EAFIT.

The IBM quality program is based on the method of training the teacher responsible for teaching this technology in future EAFIT bachelor programs, a so-called T3 workshop.

The university in Colombia launches the IBM quantum computer course, the first in Latin America
The university in Colombia launches the IBM quantum computer course, the first in Latin America

In the workshop, The experts at the multinational software company are instructing the faculty, which will have the future mission of providing ongoing education within the university, to nurture new talent in the programs Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Cybersecurity, Internet of Things and Design Thinking in addition to the Quantum Computer course.

ANDThe process is carried out through intensive virtual workshops This will be programmed into an agenda with the technological resources provided by IBM over the next few months.

The statement indicates that the initiative will start from next October 2020 in a mixed form with the content developed by IBM and proposed by EAFIT. In addition, students can receive a digital badge for Enterprise Design Thinking.

Regarding the announcement, Hernán Villegas, manager for Medellín at IBM, said he was very proud to be partnering with the university for the first quantum computing course and workshops in other disciplines like blockchain.

“At IBM, we are committed to supporting innovation in the country and empowering both students and teachers to gain a competitive advantage in the current and future job markets.”

EAFIT is a college with a presence in three cities of Colombia with 60 years of experience that produces actors in Bachelor, Diploma, permanent educational and language programs.

So far it was the first institution in Latin America to train teachers in quantum computers under the guidance of IBM.

Quantum Computing and its Importance for the Crypto Ecosystem

In recent months, the blockchain ecosystem and especially in the field of cryptocurrencies, the topic of quantum computers, has gained a lot of traction due to its “threat” to the consensus mechanism of most of the protocols that work in the crypto market, starting of course with Bitcoin.

According to the theory of the quantum computer, it has been shown that quantum ciphers are practically invulnerable to attempts to decipher informationAt the same time, current models that we know can be hacked, according to some scientists from Shanghai Jiao Tong University of China, who published an interesting study on the subject.

According to this report, quantum computing has the potential to break through asymmetric cryptography, i.e. every single blockchains and cryptocurrency that we currently know. hence its importance for the ecosystem.

In this sense, the Silicon Valley giants like Google, IBM and Microsoft are already well advanced in the race to master this new technology. Hence, IBM’s relationships in Colombia are a unique opportunity to train in one of the most promising industries for the years to come.

Whether for Bitcoin and blockchains, quantum computers are already being considered by many developers to precisely prevent decentralization from being kept in check hence the importance of their learning within this new world order.

Last June, Cointelegraph reported on IBM’s progress on this matter. According to the director of IBM Research, Darío Gil, developments in the quantum computer field will accelerate at the same time as the acceleration in the building of qubits necessary for its implementation.

Qubits are the basic units of quantum information, analogous to bits.

“I assume that quantum computers will go through the same developmental stages as classic computers over several decades, but at a much faster rate over the course of the current decade,” noted Gil.

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