The Universidad Nacional del Litoral and Blocknia offer training on crypto

From Argentina, the National University of the Coast and Blocknia will offer a training called “Crypto Mode”. It will be responsible for Catalina Castro and Iñaki Apezteguía, Blocknia’s partners. Cointelegraph in Spanish spoke to the latter to learn more details about the initiative.

The course will take place on Tuesday, August 11th, 18th and 25th. and on September 1st at 5:00 p.m. (Argentine time).

The aim is to impart knowledge with a theoretical-practical approach to test and understand the application of technology in use cases personal and professional in nature.

Course modules

The Universidad Nacional del Litoral and Blocknia offer training on crypto
The Universidad Nacional del Litoral and Blocknia offer training on crypto

The following topics are to be examined:

– Introduction to the crypto market. Bitcoin, blockchain. Exchanges, brokers, P2P, F2F platforms. KYC and AML, regulatory aspects, prices. Exercise.

– wallets and security. Analysis and use of different types of wallets. Security tips. Exercise.

– old coins and stable coins. Analysis of different cryptocurrencies and tokens. Exercise.

– Decentralized financing (DeFi). Basics. Regulations. Products and services. – strategies. Exercise.

Interested parties can register here. The total duration is hours. Each module has two hours of dictation. The course includes live instructions and practical exercises. There will also be recommendations for readings, websites and channels.

“”It is the first time that the Universidad Nacional del Litoral has an educational initiative on blockchain and crypto. This time it will be in conjunction with Blocknia“Said Iñaki Apezteguía.

“The idea came from a previous relationship that I have with the UNL as I am a graduate of this house for university studies. I also worked at the university for a few years. And in the past few months we have had a few introductory talks to see interest in the topic. There were about 150 people connected, and we saw a lot of interest, which resulted in us taking a more formal course and getting this first experience with this house of advanced studies in the training of these technologies, “he added later added.

“”We have many expectations, because there are still few educational institutions that are committed to technology and promote its spread in the region. Several are already registered. We believe we will come to August 11th with an interesting amount. The idea is that this training between the university and Blocknia can be repeated depending on the success, ”he concluded.

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