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The Universidad de Chile is looking for a specialist in blockchain technology

April 24, 2020

The University of Chile is looking for a professional specialist in blockchain technology to fill a vacancy related to a mobile developer.

On your page you will see the job posting that indicates this The work is linked to Preferendum, a system that allows all citizens to discuss and vote on their cell phones using blockchain technology.

They also emphasize that the prospect must be a Java developer specializing in Android. You also need to be familiar with Laravel since you need to manage the backend. This is because their website is in Laravel and they need to make changes to the page and reinstall an SSL certificate.

The Universidad de Chile is looking for a specialist in blockchain technologyThe Universidad de Chile is looking for a specialist in blockchain technology

Preferendum is a tool that puts a platform at the service of the community to debate, comment on and vote on various interesting topics Electricity. It has been developed natively on iOS and Android since 2014 and is now both directly connected to blockchain.

The tool provides the entire infrastructure and platform to carry out various types of referendums. Companies can also advertise during these discussions.

Application requirements

The publication of the job offer indicates that the person must have at least three years of experience in mobile development. Careers for the roles stated for the position include: engineering, industrial automation and control, educational computers, computers, networks and data communication / connectivity, civil engineering / engineering, programming, civil engineering in computer science / computer engineering, management technology and technological development, computer / systems engineering .

Tasks to perform when performing the position include: keep your software up to date and renew Android librariesso that the system can be used in all cell phones, in addition to the new ones that come onto the market.

On the other hand, they added that the team will implement new security protocols that need to be programmed. In summary, the success of the next developer depends on the completion of these activities.

Blockchain adoption in Chile

Chile is one of the Latin American countries with the greatest potential for the introduction of blockchain and crypto. However, it remains a challenge for the country’s crypto community to continue to educate and disseminate cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology.

ONG Bitcoin Chile is one of the oldest organizations in the country dedicated to the presentation of activities, lectures and various events to promote the benefits of these technologies. Other educational institutions in the country, including the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, have adopted educational programs with graduates and blockchain-related conferences.

There are also a large number of startups and projects based on technology. For example, some were based on the commercialization of renewable energies, others on optimizing food production and supply chains.

Vacancies for blockchain generation

Now that companies and countries are developing more applications for blockchain, more specialized workers are needed.

Although the revolution in financial services began, they are now beginning to change corporate structures and generate new blockchain-based business models that are slumping in industries such as energy, telecommunications, and health.

This Internet of Value has a profound impact on IT architecture and strategies, and particularly on the governance of corporate governments. Many executives believe that blockchain is a technology that enables the decentralization of information and facilitates the traceability of products or services.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg of the applicability potential of this technology, the value of which is to empower citizens to use their information, reduce the intermediary costs of using financial services, and facilitate subscription and use of services. the state and signing contracts for the sale of products and services with digital identity.

In this context, companies need blockchain experts who can use the various possibilities of this technology.

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