The United States Senate Committee approves the law against TikTok

According to the U.S. government, using the famous social network, where you can share and watch short videos, could be enough to provide your private information to the Chinese company ByteDance.

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The United States Senate Committee approves the law against TikTok
The United States Senate Committee approves the law against TikTok

Today, Tick ​​tack It has become one of the most popular applications among young people around the world. Although at first glance it looks as if this social network was created for entertainment purposes only, the United States government because it is supposed to collect personal information from users for that Government of china.

therefore, the United States Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs the past has passed 22nd of July the invoice “No TikTok on Government Devices Act”. It is a suggestion from Senator Josh Hawley This would prohibit federal employees from downloading the application to their government-provided devices.

The second step of this initiative will be before senate and if it is approved, it could soon become a law in the country.


At the moment, administrative officials have also mentioned the importance of banning not only TikTok but also other Chinese applications, as “the action may be imminent,” reports said. Reuters.

Likewise, Mike Pompeo, United States Secretary of State, mentioned for Fox News Days before the Hawley bill was passed, Americans should not download the Chinese app to their phones, “unless they want their personal information to be in the hands of.” Chinese Communist Party“”

On the other hand are the comments of the President Donald Trump in an interview for Gray televisionshow that their interests in banning TikTok in the country are more about influencing the Chinese government than protecting user privacy.

Given the allegations made by the US government TikTok spokeswoman Jamie Favazza, clarified in a statement that the request by the government of the Asian giant does not provide users’ personal data and not “even if requested to do so”.

“TikTok is managed by an American CEO, with hundreds of key security and product and public order executives here in the United States,” he said. Similarly, it has been found that data is collected from US users in the state Virginia and in Singapore, not in China.


“Millions of American families use TikTok for entertainment and creative expression, and we recognize that federal government devices are not designed for this,” he added.

On the other hand, the company ByteDance has decided to cease operations in Hong Kong under an approved law requiring social networks to provide users with personal information from the government Beijing. Therefore, an alternative version to TikTok is called in China Douyin.

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