The United Nations is calling for a “stabilization of the ceasefire” and the opening of a “serious dialogue” on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Biden has pledged to assist the Palestinian Authority with rehabilitation and not allow Hamas to “replenish its arsenal”

Russia calls for a meeting of the Middle East Quartet and works to promote dialogue between Palestinians and Israelis

United Nations Secretary General António Guterres welcomed the ceasefire between the Government of Israel and the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), but stressed the need to “stabilize” this ceasefire and urged the parties to take responsibility and “initiate one serious dialogue to address the root causes of the conflict. “

The United Nations is calling for a “stabilization of the ceasefire” and the opening of a “serious dialogue” on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
The United Nations is calling for a “stabilization of the ceasefire” and the opening of a “serious dialogue” on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Guterres issued a statement to congratulate Egypt and Qatar on the “efforts” that have been made, in coordination with the organization, to “help restore calm in Gaza and Israel”.

“I call on all parties to respect the ceasefire,” appealed the United Nations Secretary-General, who has also asked the international community to work with the organization to develop a “solid and integrated” package of support for “fast and sustainable”. Reconstruction and reconstruction that “supports the Palestinian people and strengthens their institutions”.

He also stressed that Israeli and Palestinian leaders “have a responsibility beyond restoring calm, to initiate serious dialogue to address the root causes of the conflict”.

“Gaza is an integral part of the future Palestinian state and no effort should be spared to achieve genuine national reconciliation that will end the split,” he added, explaining that it will be very important now to stabilize the state ceasefire. “.

As he stressed, the next steps “will be very important in order to have a solid humanitarian aid and reconstruction program for Gaza” and “to revive the peace process to find a two-state solution”.

United States President Joe Biden on Thursday applauded the ceasefire agreement, assuring that his administration will continue “quiet and relentless diplomacy” until Palestinians and Israelis can live “safely”. .

In a White House speech on the ceasefire between the parties that went into effect this Friday, Biden underscored his team’s “intense diplomatic commitment” and their work in the region to achieve the deal.

“We held intense high-level discussions hour after hour (…) in order to avoid the kind of protracted conflict that we saw in the past few years when hostilities broke out,” said the US President.

For example, he has claimed that he believes that Palestinians and Israelis “equally deserve to live in conditions of security and protection, and enjoy equal levels of freedom, prosperity and democracy”.

“My administration will continue our silent and relentless diplomacy to this end. I believe we have a real chance of making progress and I am determined to work towards this,” he continued.

In this regard, he stated that he had spoken to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who had briefed him on the “mutual and unconditional ceasefire” and to whom the president had reiterated his support and made progress to help him restore the Israeli defense system Iron Dome.

Biden has also pledged to work with the United Nations to provide humanitarian aid and has given assurances that he will work “in full partnership” with the Palestinian Authority to rebuild Gaza so that “Hamas does not resupply its arsenal can “.

On the other hand, Egypt, broker of the ceasefire agreement, has announced that it will be sending two security delegations to Tel Aviv and the Palestinian territories in the next few days to monitor and monitor the ceasefire.

RUSSIA proposes meeting of the Middle Eastern Quartet

For his part, Russia’s deputy UN envoy Dmitri Polianski has stressed that the ceasefire agreement between the parties must be “permanent”. “We would very much like to see that the ceasefire is long-term,” he told the Russian agency TASS.

He has also urged that a ministerial meeting of the Middle East Quartet (Russia, USA, European Union and United Nations) be held “as soon as possible” as its activities should be “intensified”.

“We propose an immediate ministerial meeting of the Quartet in order to improve the situation and create an atmosphere of trust,” he stressed, and also suggested the appointment of the Quartet, “in an expanded format with the regional states to share the opinions of interested parties take into account parties. “

Poliansky has insisted that both sides “must take responsibility and enter into dialogue”. “In face-to-face talks, the parties need to find solutions to fundamental final status issues, including the status of East Jerusalem,” he added.

Among the reactions of the international community to the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab also stressed that the parties “must work to make the ceasefire permanent and to end the unacceptable cycle of violence and loss of civilian life”.

This Friday, the Hamas-Israel ceasefire came into effect after an 11-day offensive in which the Gaza Ministry of Health reported 232 deaths, including 65 children, while Israeli authorities have confirmed 12 people have died, including two children.

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