The UN raises the displaced people to 100,000 because of Turkey’s offensive in Syria

GENEVA, Oct. 11 (DPA / EP) –

The United Nations has raised the number of displaced people in northeastern Syria on Friday since the start of the Turkish military offensive against the Kurdish administration that controls the area on Wednesday.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has recalled in a statement that “the area welcomes some of the most vulnerable people in Syria due to high levels of violence, large-scale displacement and other protection concerns “.

The UN raises the displaced people to 100,000 because of Turkey’s offensive in Syria
The UN raises the displaced people to 100,000 because of Turkey’s offensive in Syria

“It is also one of the most complex and challenging operational environments for the UN and its humanitarian partners in Syria,” he said, while stressing that “the humanitarian impact is already being noticed.”

Thus, he has detailed that “the majority” of the nearly 100,000 displaced “are in host communities”, although he added that “an increasing number of them are reaching collective shelters in Hasaka and Tel Tamer”, locations in the They are also seeking shelter in schools.

OCHA has stressed that “the fighting is also having an impact on basic services,” including a water pumping station that has been rendered useless in Hasaka and 400,000 people depend on.

“The efforts of the UN to negotiate a 'humanitarian break' with all parties to allow technical teams to repair this station are underway,” he said, before recalling that “markets, schools and clinics are closed since 9 October “, with the exception of the National Hospital.

Imran Riza, humanitarian coordinator for Syria, said that “the UN and its humanitarian partners are deeply concerned about the latest developments” and said they “remain committed to helping those in need at this critical moment.”

Therefore, it has requested that civilians and civil infrastructure “be protected at all times” and that “safe and unrestricted” humanitarian access to the civilian population be guaranteed.

“Nothing is more important than protecting civilians right now and we are doing everything in our power to ensure that humanitarian actors can arrive safely and deliver help to those who need it,” he said.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday ordered the start of the cross-border operation with which he hopes to contain the threat posed by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDS), which have Kurdish Popular Protection Units (YPG) among their ranks .


Turkish authorities had reported in these last days of the death of several civilians and this Friday they have confirmed two more deaths in the Suruc district, in the province of Sanliurfa, by the impact of a mortar shell, according to Anatolia news agency .

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has said that, until Thursday night, he had evidence of the death of seven civilians in Syria from operations in Turkey or its allies. To this balance would be added a ninth victim killed by actions of the Kurdish armed groups.

Turkey's Ministry of Defense has also confirmed its first military casualty on Friday on the offensive, in which 342 terrorists would also have been “neutralized,” according to their count. This euphemism includes both the deceased and the injured and detained.

The SDS has assured that 22 of its members have lost their lives because of the offensive between Wednesday and Thursday, reports Reuters. According to the official Syrian agency, SANA, this Friday Turkish forces have bombed several points in the Hasaka region, including residential areas.

Syrian media have also confirmed the explosion of a car bomb next to a restaurant in the city of Qamishli – Hasaka region – controlled by Kurdish rebels. The SANA agency has confirmed “several” dead, while Kurdish security sources cited by Reuters have specified that there are at least three dead.

According to these sources, the Islamic State has increased its activity in the area since the beginning of the Turkish offensive, although they have not directly blamed the terrorist group for being behind this attack.

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