The ultra gaming platform integrates Theta Network for live streaming

The gaming platform with blockchain technology, Ultra announced on September 3rd that it would incorporate Theta Network’s live streaming technology as part of its user experience.

The service enables users See the games in action before making a purchase and start earning rewards that can be spent in the ecosystem.

Ultra is a game distribution platform that uses blockchain technology to bring new features to gamers and developers. With a start planned for the fourth quarter of this year 2020 The aim is to disrupt the current $ 160 billion video game market by allowing gamers to seamlessly play, discover, compete and socialize.

The ultra gaming platform integrates Theta Network for live streaming
The ultra gaming platform integrates Theta Network for live streaming

When a user reaches the homepage of a particular game, You will see the game live through theta streaming technology directly on the Ultra platform. Users can earn rewards in Theta (TFUEL) and Ultra (UOS) tokens for sharing the shows you are watching.

Streamers can also use the p-systemShare non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with your fans and viewers and earn rewards for promoting games on Ultra.

Theta Network is a decentralized peer-to-peer video platform This rewards viewers for sharing bandwidth and resources, and supposedly enables high quality video streams without the need for such expensive infrastructure. As Cointelegraph reported, Its partners and sponsors include Google, Binance and Samsung.

Ultra also has renowned sponsors in the video game industry. including the gaming giant Ubisoft and the chip manufacturer AMD.

Its technology enables the injection of A custom user interface for 5,000 existing Direct X, OpenGL, and Vulkan games to add features such as in-app purchases (microtransactions) and NFT trading. It also comes with a Software Development Kit (SDK) that you can use to download games from consoles and the Steam platform.

Ultra wants to implement blockchain technology to replace Steam. although they may have to struggle with other sizes to achieve this.

Another gaming platform, GOATi Entertainment’s Pavilion Hub includes similar blockchain-based functionality in its platform. as allows players to purchase existing games directly from Steam. It also has functions for performing live broadcasts Pull out.

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