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The Ultimate Guide to Gifts

March 31, 2018

Surprising Your Girl with a Gift She’ll Adore They say women are hard to understand. Fortunately, that doesn’t apply to knowing what gift to give her. Begin by getting ideas from the things she does, her style or interests. What are the things that make her happy? Perhaps fashionable shoes, video games, or jewelry? Imagine her and the things she does, the movies she’s planning to see, the music she listens to, her favorite foodies, her favorite colors. All of these should give you some very good ideas. What kind of girl is she? Is she fashionable and brand-conscious or a tomboy who likes to cycle around town with you? Is she a cooking aficionado? Is she crazy about chocolate? Find a gift based on the things you know about her. Also look into her activities in her spare time. What are her hobbies? When you get her something related to these activities, she will thank you for supporting her.
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If you have a career-oriented girlfriend, search for ideas from that angle. If she is, what kinds of things does she use at work? Might a new bag interest her? Maybe a special pen? Or get her an iTunes gift certificate to help boost her energy during her gym workouts?
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What are things that might make her life easier? Pay attention to her kitchen or even her bedroom. Maybe you can get her a coffeemaker or a lampshade on her bedside table? Call to mind some past conversations where you might get some hints. It’s possible she’s actually told you want she wants without realizing it herself. Did she say she broke her boot heel on her way to work? That’s your cue. Get her a new pair. Girls love getting handmade gifts from guys they love. Maybe make her a hemp bracelet? It doesn’t matter what you’ve got for her. It’s the effort that she really appreciates and she’ll love anything you’ve made for her. Maybe you have an inside joke or something that the two of you share. Use that to think of something to give her. Are you such big fans of Iron Man? Collect a few Iron Man movies from way back up to now, cozy up and watch them together at home. This can even make you closer than ever. Get more of those creative juices flowing. Think of a very simple gift. Extravagance is not necessary. Sometimes, the small ones count more. Get her a flower and leave it on her doorstep. And don’t forget to add a sweet little note. If you still can’t think of something that sounds right, get help. Ask her mother or her girlfriends. These women never run out of gift ideas. If you still can’t decide on something, why don’t you just ask your girlfriend? That takes the surprise out of the equation, but at least, you can be sure that she will love what you’re getting her.

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