The Ukrainian chargé d’affaires in Spain assures that it is “everyone’s responsibility” to bring Putin to justice.

The chargé d’affaires at the Ukrainian embassy in Spain, Dimitro Matiushenko, assured this Tuesday that bringing Russian President Vladimir Putin to justice for his “war crimes and crimes against humanity” is “everyone’s responsibility” and has urged the international community to “coordinate their actions”.

At an event organized by the Illustrious Bar Association of Madrid (ICAM), the Ukrainian embassy’s “Number Two” stressed the importance of countries’ response being “massive rather than harsh” and stressed that it was time to do this is “act” and not “think”.

The Ukrainian chargé d’affaires in Spain assures that it is “everyone’s responsibility” to bring Putin to justice.
The Ukrainian chargé d’affaires in Spain assures that it is “everyone’s responsibility” to bring Putin to justice.

“Today it was Bucha, but tomorrow it will be other cities, and that’s why we expect tougher sanctions,” he said, referring to the massacre of civilians committed in the aforementioned Ukrainian city, where the bodies of more than 300 people were found were salvaged after the Russian troops left the area.

In this sense, he has called for the creation of a “mechanism that would not only provide the possibility of confiscating the assets of Russian oligarchs, both in Spain and throughout the European Union, but also use these assets for humanitarian purposes”. “It’s not worth just confiscating the goods and leaving them without services, they must be used to help Ukraine,” he added.

Likewise, he has urged the international community to provide humanitarian assistance, which is essential for “victory,” as soon as possible. “This is also extremely important as part of international action focuses on humanitarian aid and another on sanctions pressure, but in times of war it is imperative to increase arms support,” he added.

Matiushenko also lamented that the “atrocities of World War II” increased most in 21″. “We are fighting the Russian invaders one by one. (…) We must be consistent from beginning to end and think about restoring peace and justice,” he said.

The diplomat, who thanked for the “gesture of support for the Ukrainian people suffering from an unjust war”, has ventured that cities like Mariupol will experience similar scenarios as Irpin northwest of Kyiv.

“What is needed is not only to pressure Russia now with sanctions, not only to do everything possible to isolate that country from the international economy – this is the method by which the Kremlin is raising funds to support its aggression against the continue Ukraine. – but also to see the actions at international level by lawyers from different jurisdictions, to be able to present the cases before international courts, as 42 countries have already done before the International Criminal Court (ICC),” he clarified.

On the matter, he has warned that the Russian government has ignored the precautionary measure imposed by the International Court of Justice, which has urged the country to end the invasion immediately, noting that it is a new “violation of international law”. .

“This is part of what we must do to bring Russia and its leaders to justice, although there is also work to be done on a day-to-day basis. Everyone can contribute now to stop Russian aggression and its barbaric acts as soon as possible,” he said.

On the other hand, Matiushenko has clarified that since the Russian invasion of the territory began on February 24, more than 80,000 people have already arrived in Spain, a number that “is increasing every day”.

“It is evident that the greatest impact of the migratory flow was received by the bordering border countries, especially Poland, but now we see that the migratory flow is reaching Spain, Portugal etc. and what is worth highlighting is the big one heart and the will and willingness of the Spaniards to help in different areas,” he stressed.

Thus, he highlighted the “great commitment of the Spanish government in terms of the reception and temporary protection of Ukrainians” and expressed that “it is very gratifying to highlight the actions of various Spanish companies and banks that have created online and direct support platforms lines.

However, he criticized the fact that there are still several honorary consuls from Russia in Spain and said that “at the moment there is nothing honorable about representing such a country”.

“We have to understand that the humanitarian consequences will be long-lasting and we need to rebuild Ukraine, it will take more than a few months,” he continued. Because of this, the effort we all have must “focus not just on acting now” but “on a larger scale” in the long term.

Furthermore, he stated that “history has taught us to be prepared for the hardest,” while underscoring the work of the Ukrainian resistance: “This was a blitz operation that was expected, and now the Russian army had to withdraw.” .

“We see that the Russian army is disorganized and weakened, that it is not as formidable as we thought it is,” he clarified, before accusing the Kremlin of “not counting the casualties in its ranks.” “There are already almost 19,000 Russians who have died on Ukrainian soil within 40 days,” he said. “This shows once again Russia’s lack of consideration for human life and the Russian people themselves,” he concluded.

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