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The UK again tops a thousand daily infections

August 15, 2020

The UK health authorities this Saturday confirmed 1,012 new cases of coronavirus in the past few hours and another three deaths since the previous day.

Taken together, 317,379 people across the country have already suffered from COVID-19 since the pandemic was reported which, according to the UK government’s updated balance, resulted in a total of 41,361 deaths.

The UK coronavirus reproductive index remains unchanged from last week and is between 0.8 and 1 according to the latest figures, which means that on average, each COVID-19 patient will infect a different person.

The UK again tops a thousand daily infectionsThe UK again tops a thousand daily infections

In the past few hours, it was announced that 3.4 million citizens of England have coronavirus antibodies, which is roughly six percent of the population, according to estimates by the UK government. This is a percentage larger than expected.

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