The two sides of the ‘impeachment’ against Trump present their final arguments before the vote on Wednesday

El presidente del Tribunal Supremo de Estados Unidos, John Roberts, preside la sesión de argumentos finales del 'impeachment' contra el presidente norteamericano, Donald Trump.

The president of the Supreme Court of the United States, John Roberts, chairs the session of final arguments of the 'impeachment' against the American president, Donald Trump. – Consolidated News Photos

Democrats urge the Senate to “do the right thing” and Trump's legal team asks for his acquittal


The accusation and the defense of the impeachment against the president of the United States, Donald Trump, presented their final arguments in the Senate on Monday before the vote on Wednesday, which presumably will result in the acquittal of the US president of the charges against him, abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

The two sides of the ‘impeachment’ against Trump present their final arguments before the vote on Wednesday
The two sides of the ‘impeachment’ against Trump present their final arguments before the vote on Wednesday

Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, one of the seven Democrats appointed by the US House of Representatives to exercise the accusation against Trump, has urged the senators, who are acting as jurors during the process, to “do the right thing” in the vote, while ensuring that the Democrats have presented their case “with a mountain of evidence.”

“President Trump tried to cheat. He was caught. And then he worked hard to cover it up,” Jeffries said. “President Trump corruptly abused his power. He obstructed an impeachment investigation required by Congress and the Constitution. He requested foreign interference in an American election and shattered the very fabric of our democracy,” he criticized, according to the chain of CNN television

Also, the congressman for New York has warned senators that acquitting the US president from the charge of obstruction “would be a fatal blow to the political judgment clause in the Constitution.”

“A president who can obstruct and frustrate the power of a political trial becomes not responsible,” he continued. “He or she is effectively above the law. And such a president is more likely to get involved in corruption with impunity. This will become the new normal, with this president and for future generations,” he warned.

Another of the Democrats who acts as 'prosecutor' in the case against Trump, Adam Schiff, has expressed himself in the same vein as Jeffries and has argued that “Trump cannot be trusted”.

“I hope and pray that we will never have a president like Donald Trump in the Democratic Party, one that would betray national interest and security to help him with his re-election,” Schiff said, also assuring that “history will not be nice” with the president.

For its part, the legal team that defends Trump has urged senators to reject charges against the president in the political trial, arguing that absolution is “the only conclusion” to the process.

“We believe that the only conclusion based on the evidence and articles of the political trial and the Constitution is that you must vote to acquit the president,” said one of the White House lawyers, Pat Cipollone, when addressing senators. .

He has also assessed that the Democratic accusation against the US president is “an effort to cancel the results of an election and try to interfere” at the next election date, scheduled for this year.

Trump has referred this Monday to the 'impeachment' that develops against him and has again called him a “hoax.” “I hope that Republicans and the American people realize that the deception of totally partisan political judgment is exactly that, a hoax,” said the president through his Twitter account.


Although the US Senate is expected to acquit Trump because it is made up of a Republican majority, with 53 senators in front of the 47 Democrats, there is still some uncertainty about the margin that the final vote will throw, since it may happen that some Republican crossing to the Democratic lines.

One of the names that sounds the most is that of Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski, who, however, announced Monday that she will vote in favor of acquitting Trump.

Those who have not yet confirmed the meaning of their vote are Senators Mitt Romney, very critical of Trump, and Susan Collins, who already voted with the Democrats in favor of summoning several witnesses to testify in the process, including the former adviser of US National Security John Bolton to testify.

Republicans on Friday blocked the possibility of citing witnesses in the impeachment. The Democrats submitted several amendments to get the testimony of people like Bolton or the White House interim cabinet chief, Mick Mulvaney, although they were rejected.


The political trial is chaired by the president of the United States Supreme Court, John Roberts, and the seven deputies appointed by the House of Representatives who act as 'prosecutors' in a process in which all senators must act as jurors, regardless of party in which they militate.

The impeachment process encompasses the investigation and voting in the House of Representatives, where Trump was officially disapproved in December, thus becoming the third censored US president, and the political trial in the Upper House, in which, to date , no president has become dismissed.

The process began following a complaint lodged by an Intelligence officer who considered that Trump's call to his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodimir Zelenski, on July 25 was an attempt to pressure him to force him to open an investigation into the Biden, paralyzing until then the delivery of more than 300 million dollars of military aid to Kiev and postponing the invitation for a meeting at the White House.

Trump maintains that he is the victim of a “witch hunt” and that his call was “perfect”, despite the contradictions that have been observed in the Government since the complaint of the anonymous official for the alleged campaign of pressure on Ukraine.

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