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The travel company that turned down 5 million pesos from Shark Tank Mexico

August 10, 2020

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The travel company that turned down 5 million pesos from Shark Tank MexicoThe travel company that turned down 5 million pesos from Shark Tank Mexico

Three travel-loving friends found offers to make and get to know different places in Mexico and around the world. Meanwhile, others were impressed that they were not that wealthy people and that they were traveling to so many destinations. So Oscar Sánchez, Luis Delgado and María Fernanda Fernández decided to share their secret Travel guru.

“The three of us have always enjoyed traveling. Oscar and I, aside from traveling, we liked to pay little money so we were always bargain hunters on everything we buy, we like to investigate and all that stuff. For this reason, we have committed ourselves to constantly looking for the cheapest airfare to the destination, which leads us to a destination that always pays as little as possible, “says María Fernanda in an interview with in Spanish.

Gurú de viaje was born in 2014 as a website with an investment of around 20,000 pesos, according to the founders. Today they already have a mobile application for both of them iOS as for Android In the months leading up to the COVID-19 health emergency, this company made a profit of 17 million pesos.

“We don’t generally make reservations, we help you, Maria, to find an offer that you can buy now at, for example. More or less per year we generate reservations of 600 or 700 million pesos travel and most our partner You pay us a commission so we earn when we refer customers, ”explains Luis.

Affiliate marketing

Photo: Courtesy Shark Tank México.

This company does not operate any of the flights it advertises. “We give the user the exact tools to buy what we’ve already found and so they switch from our side to anyone else doing the sale, and now we’re charging a commission. We are bargain hunters, ”says Oscar.

But get a partner or partner Wasn’t an easy task, Oscar explains that the Affiliate marketingIt’s not as developed in Mexico as it is in the United States.

“In Mexico, not all sellers have the ability to measure traffic and sales, regardless of whether you’re generating a sale or sending them a prospect and what money they can pay you. At the beginning it cost us a lot to find these partners with whom we could generate these services, ”explains Oscar.

You currently have partners like kayak or Skyscannerand online travel agents like The best day and To the world, in addition to airlines like Volaris and Viva Aerobus.

Sharks on board?

Photo: Courtesy Shark Tank México.

This company started in 2014 as a hobby and as a way to help others find cheap travel. In 2017 they received their first investment round from the Accelerator 500 Startups. “We decided to formalize everything and start the application,” says Oscar.

Years later they would be contacted by the production of Shark Tank México, which airs every Friday at 10:00 p.m. on Canal Sony, to participate in the program that María Fernanda was unable to attend due to unforeseen health problems.

The young entrepreneurs asked for 5 million pesos for 5% of the company. However, they received a counter-proposal from Rodrigo Herrera and Arturo Elías Ayub in the amount of 5 million for 10% of the company.

“We had an investment round about 18 months ago where the valuation was higher. As a minimum limit, we could keep the same rating, i.e. ignore the growth we had over the 18 months and allow them to participate in the same round at 7.5%, which was in fact a midpoint between what we wanted and what they wanted, ”explains Oscar.

Oscar and Luis discussed this and returned with that option, 7.5% of the company for the same amount, but Rodrigo and Arturo stuck with their first counterproposal, on condition that the entrepreneurs discuss it with their investors. Eventually there was no agreement as the businessmen did not accept the treatment of the sharks.

Reactivate tourism in Mexico

Photo: Travel Guru via Facebook.

The first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic were the toughest for Mexico’s tourism industry. However, starting in June, July and August, business owners have seen an increase in people wanting to travel.

“Now, in the last few months, let’s say June, July, August, people want to go out and we are more focused on the national product like the beaches of the Caribbean and the Pacific. All of these national goals that many people leave for the second term, ”says Oscar.

s are also trying to connect their users with large hotels or tour operators in order to reactivate this part of the country’s economy.

“Thank goodness we will concentrate on national tourism in the course of 2020. If we’ve seen a relatively quick or faster recovery than expected, we need to see how we can help hotels and operators get the economy back on track, and how we adapt to the tourism needs of users and tour operators, ”concludes Luis.

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