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The trade agreement between the United Kingdom and the US will be á reached in July 2020, according to ‘The Sun’

September 23, 2019

LONDON, Sep 23 (Reuters / EP) –

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and U.S. President Donald Trump have agreed to reach a trade agreement between London and Washington by July 2020, as reported by the newspaper 'The Sun'.

Trump and Johnson could publicly commit when they meet this week in New York, within the framework of the United Nations Climate Summit.

“The political will is there now on both sides to reach the agreement in July,” said The Sun, citing a senior government source. “It's a great victory for us and Trump is also very interested in telling it in the United States,” he added.

“There is also a recognition by both sides of the Atlantic that it must be done by then because the United States election cycle begins shortly thereafter,” said the source.