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The Track Journey platform will use blockchain to develop safe tourist corridors

June 3, 2020

The start-up accelerator of the tourism industry, Agora Next Hub, has announced the launch of the Track Journey Assistant platform for artificial intelligence and biometric technology, which is intended to ensure safe tourist destinations and to control the connection between Germany and the Balearic Islands.. This was reported in an article by Merca2 from Spain. After this release Blockchain will be one of the technologies used in this initiative.

The article detailed that they have been working on the platform for more than two months and that their main function is to develop and establish a “safe, efficient and technological” tourist corridor between countries of origin and destination. The pilot trial takes place between Germany and the Balearic Islands.

The publication states: “Agora Next Hub, through its subsidiary IT Ecosystem, will introduce the platform before June 15, which integrates the” Ready to Use “solutions into the traceability and parameterization of the” Track Journey “of travelers, their solution a Destination assistant with a variety of security information to provide the traveler with all information on leisure, restaurants, hotels, mobility, emergencies and health (hospitals and clinics). ”

The Track Journey platform will use blockchain to develop safe tourist corridors
The Track Journey platform will use blockchain to develop safe tourist corridors

They stressed that it is a safe tourist corridor that has an operations center that manages incidents with visitors and coordinates the actions in real time.

This would be done through the information they could find at the destination “thanks to different technologies”, such as: “Artificial intelligence, blockchain, biometric technology, IOT, QR codes and big data for airports, airlines and hotels, among others.”

international Developement

The Merca2 article also detailed that the platform was developed and operated by a consortium of companies led by Agora Next Hub at the forefront with the internal participation of teams from five countries: Spain, the United States, Canada, and Germany and Israel.

The technology companies and consulting firms that have worked in this consortium include: Agora Next, Telefónica, Travel Navigator, Novus Health, Ivy Go Moment, Here Mobility, Do Disruptive, the strategic consulting firm Arthur D ‘Little and the NewLink agency.

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