The top ten brands in Mexico according to the YouGov index

Find out which companies have achieved international quality and reputation standards in order to be ranked.

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The top ten brands in Mexico according to the YouGov index
The top ten brands in Mexico according to the YouGov index

As every year, the market research company YouGov published its Precedence with the best brands worldwide. The analysis also produced an interesting list of the top rated companies in Mexico.

YouGov BrandIndex is headquartered in the UK and operates in 40 countries on five continents. The company conducts 9 million interviews annually around the world to determine a brand’s overall health. Consumers rate companies based on quality, value, impression, satisfaction, recommendation and reputation, among other things.

In the recently published 2020 survey, technology brands dominated the top spots in the global rankings. First place goes to Google, followed by WhatsApp, YouTube and Samsung. The fourth position was for the online sales giant Amazon, followed by Netflix, the king of Streaming. The highest rated social network in the world was Facebook in seventh place.

In the particular case of Mexico, the 2020 best brands list is slightly different. Several national companies have achieved the quality standards required to be in the EU Top 10, look:

  1. WhatsApp (64.4)
  2. Google (60.1)
  3. Facebook (57.3)
  4. Nike (56.3)
  5. Bonafont (54.6)
  6. Samsung (53.8)
  7. Gillette (53)
  8. Lala (52.6)
  9. Aspirin (50.8)
  10. Adidas (49.3)

YouGov BrandIndex data analysts continuously measure public perception. As explained on their official website, all brands were monitored for at least 6 months before being included. Using this method, you can track companies that have improved their image compared to last year.

In 2020, MercadoLibre, Telcel, Sabritas, Chicharrón de Pork Barcel, Levi’s, Peñafiel, Lala, BBVA Bancomer, Epura and Tylenol were the most Mexican companies to raise their ratings the most.

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