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The Toks restaurant chain in Mexico uses the SIMBA blockchain for the traceability of coffee

May 9, 2020

A chain of Mexican restaurants with a strong commitment to sustainability has turned to this Blockchain technology to track the origin of your coffee beans from cultivation to cup.

Blockchain platform The SIMBA chain is selected by the Toks restaurant chain, which serves coffee made from ground, roasted and sustainable coffee beans under its diverse menu.

Restaurant Toks is a family chain with 208 branches throughout Mexico and belongs to the local conglomerate Grupo Gigante, which also includes other chains such as Office Depot and The Home Store.

The Toks restaurant chain in Mexico uses the SIMBA blockchain for the traceability of coffeeThe Toks restaurant chain in Mexico uses the SIMBA blockchain for the traceability of coffee

According to the company’s statement dated May 7, 2020, Integration with SIMBA Chain and the University of Notre Dame to create the distributed application with which each coffee bean can be registered and tracked what has “Bought, processed, packaged and sold” ensures the “integrity of your coffee supply chain and enables you to better differentiate the products you sell.”

In this context, Gustavo Pérez Berlanga, Senior Vice President for Sustainability and Social Responsibility at Toks Restaurant Group, noted “Our customers expect us to meet the highest standards in terms of sustainability and food quality when eating with us. It is important that we authenticate and track each bag by manufacturer, coffee quality and date of production. “

“Simba Chain’s intelligent contract solution will help Toks maintain the high quality that our customers expect and enjoy.”

In the meantime SIMBA Chain is known for its contracts with the United States Air Forceand a few months ago, $ 1.5 million in funding was raised. They have over a thousand apps on their platform that support Ethereum, Quorum, Hyperledger Fabric, Stellar and other blockchains.

Notre Dame, who invested in SIMBA Chain, worked on creating the Toks Restaurants program and visited various farming communities that the chain deals with.

“Smart contracts are a powerful tool for food manufacturers and restaurant companies who want to provide more security and traceability across their supply chain,” said Joel Neidig, CEO and co-founder of SIMBA Chain. “I recommend Toks to take the lead in developing a blockchain-enabled supply chain prototype that adds value to coffee growers, restaurants, customers, and the food and restaurant industry in general.”

The Smart Contract as a Service (SCaaS) from SIMBA Chain works with some of the most popular blockchain platforms in the ecosystem such as Ethereum, RSK, Stellar and Hyperledgeramong other things protocols.

The aim is to make the development and implementation of decentralized applications on these protocols quick and easy. The cloud-based platform tracks every step of the supply chain and creates an unchangeable and verifiable record at all times.

The project will start in May and a prototype is expected to be delivered in September 2020.

Food tracking is not a new use of the blockchain. The IBM Food Trust has observed its use in real-world use cases with companies like Dole, Walmart and even France’s leading supermarket chain Carrefour. It is also used at Nestlé to track a brand of Arabica coffee beans.

Recently, in March 2020, the Indian government created a chain of coffee production blocks with the aim of building a brand and increasing farmers’ incomes. With this in mind, Toks works with a large number of intermediaries such as producers, dealers, roasters, curators and other processors to bring the coffee bean to any of its restaurants across Mexico.

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