The TM Forum Catalyst program is looking for the application of AI, blockchain and visualized networks in business connectivity solutions

Last July 28th at 3:30 p.m. The TM Forum “Catalyst” program was officially launched. The event was organized by the TM Forum and presented as part of the virtual event Catalyst Digital Showcase (DSC) on the digital platform, which was possible by prior registration on the organization’s website. The joint proposal aims to use artificial intelligence, blockchain and visualized networks in business connectivity solutions.

Companies such as Everis, multinational management consultancy, Telefónica, American Tower, Salesforce Company, Vlocity and Verbio, Join an innovative collaborative project within the TM Forum Catalyst program to leverage the “Business connectivity“”

The aim of this innovative project is to “promote” the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in IT and network information technology operations (AIOps). with the goal of accrediting a new network of advanced network connectivity services as services (Network as a Service or NaaS) in hybrid networks (physical and virtual).

The TM Forum Catalyst program is looking for the application of AI, blockchain and visualized networks in business connectivity solutions
The TM Forum Catalyst program is looking for the application of AI, blockchain and visualized networks in business connectivity solutions

The TM Forum Catalyst program is designed to promote the joint development of innovative solutions that respond to the diverse challenges of the telecommunications industry and to encourage the gathering of a wide range of companies., Industries and ecosystems, not only in the field of telecommunications, but also in the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Cities and Smart Energy, and thus use all the advantages of the active standards and practices of the TM Forum.

Disruptive technologies: the age of connectivity

To reflect the change in the global telecommunications industry, the TeleManagement Forum (TM Forum) has created a comprehensive and reliable business environment in which telecommunications companies can interact with partners in the supply and distribution chain trustworthy solutions for the industry.

All Catalys projects consist of “champions” (they define the problem to be solved), telecommunications operators (in the case of American Tower as a provider of infrastructure for neutral host environments) that define the challenges for companies and ecosystems. of “partners” who have a solution to solve the challenges of “Master “.

In the special case of this project, which is headed by everis as the main system integrator, disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, vitalization of network functions (NFV), software-defined networks (SDN) and blockchain are combined. This was published in its Breaking News section, El

The “Master “ of this project: Telefónica and American Tower are working together to find new services and ways to generate business opportunities in the B2B market. All this in an ecosystem with new actors and a high level of competition.

To address this market challenge, the project team is presenting a solution that goes beyond simple connectivity-based services and is based on a portfolio based on NaaS services (network as services), on a dynamic, flexible and needs-based basis.

By promoting the use of full hybrid AIOps Naas, telecommunications operators can offer better service and be the owner of the customer relationship for the B2B markets. This increases customer loyalty and causes telecommunications companies to react proactively and preventively to incidents or threats that can disrupt and impair service, thereby avoiding problems with the customer experience.

This innovative project opens the doors for profitable management of the lifespan of network services. In return, it supports the provision of NaaS services for B2B customers through the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to the operation of the network (AIOps) and thus enables the automatic prevention of failures and failures.

He “Catalyst project ”Will provide a NaaS platform for the integration, maintenance, guarantee and billing of NaaS services that mainly uses open source mechanisms. This in turn enables operators to expand their networks by using shared networks from external partners to meet and meet the high expectations of B2B customers.

The Telefónica project manager, Eduardo Tapia from the B2B architecture team at Global CITIO, explains this “The cooperative or the business area (B2B) is the most important business challenge of the project (…) We have shown that advanced network connectivity as a service can be provisioned and executed dynamically and as needed to ensure unprecedented quality of service and experience. “

On the other hand, and in the same context, Luis Fernando Rubio, Executive Director of everis, stressed the need to respond satisfactorily to the challenge raised “Use the solutions of our partners such as Vlocity, Salesforce Company and Verbio and integrate them into customer-specific developments from Everis, based on community projects or open source. All of this follows the architectural definitions of Telefónica and uses the resources and frameworks provided by the TM Forum. “

Blockchain-based telecommunications market

The concept of TM Forum Catalystproposes to demonstrate that distributed accounting technology can be more than a cryptocurrency infrastructure and that its potential has only been implemented well above its potential. Communication service providers have started to consider this technology to reduce as many “middlemen” as possible and to support day-to-day operations.

According to blockchain technology experts, they ensure that it can be implemented to develop a market that allows interested parties (CSP, service providers, regulators, etc.) to conduct transactions and exchange value based on origin with confidence. smart and governance.

This would provide a secure and decentralized audit infrastructure. A distributed general ledger market can store such transactions (who uses what) in an immutable environmentTherefore, it should be noted that the telecommunications industry must increase the share of B2B so that it uses blockchain technology when using some B2B activities in the market. Experts affirm that improvements in blockchain security, transparency and traceability, and the ability to reduce costs and risks are some of the benefits for which this technology has gradually gained confidence in the industry.

TM Forum Who are they?

The TeleManagement Forum is a global organization of more than 850 customers from member companies in 180 countries that gives the communications industry a leadership role in the development of next-generation operating software and systems (NGOSS).It promotes collaboration and problem solving together to maximize the business success of digital communication service providers and their ecosystem of providers worldwide. The focus is on the joint development of solutions for digital transformation using independent technologies that optimize important business processes for the management of communication services.

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