The thank you card theory

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The thank you card theory
The thank you card theory

I have a theory that I have tested over and over again in different companies. It’s a strategy that makes thousands of businesses big bucks, and yet I am amazed that so few people are using it.

Think about the following: What’s the number one thing that you are likely to buy from you tomorrow and next week? Right, the one who has already bought you something.
This is where my theory comes in.

Most of a company’s sales, and therefore profits, come from repetitive transactions, the purchases that the same customer has made over time. Without these repetitive transactions, a company would struggle to grow and make a profit forever.

However, various reports have shown that most companies spend six to seven times more to get new customers than they do to retain previous and current customers and buy again.

So back to my theory.

A company that doesn’t send its customers thank you cards leaves a lot of money on the table. It’s not just the thank you card. When you send them show me how you do business.

Think of it this way: When was the last time you received a thank you card from a company you’ve worked with in the past? If I’m right, it has been a long time since you ever received it.

Businesses big and small spend a small fortune getting you in and buying, but when they have you exactly where they want you, they let you go …

Many brands don’t even get the basics right.

Let’s take a rough look at how you can get the basics right and get better results using my 6 steps to keep your customers buying from you again and again.

1. Get your data

And I don’t mean just your name and phone number. You need to learn as much about them as you can. Her likes, birthdays, and anything else that can make her a regular active customer. One thing to look out for is a great database system.

However, there would be no point in getting your data if you didn’t follow these five steps.

2. Send a thank you card (PHYSICAL) inviting them to come back and handwrite it

Even if it’s as simple as a postcard. It’s crazy how easy and cheap it is, when there are very few who do. You can also add some business cards to give to your friends.

The temptation to send this card via email or WhatsApp is great. However, it is preferable to physically send the card by post for two reasons:

  • When was the last time you received a postcard or letter in the mail? Probably more than a decade ago. Imagine how surprising it would be to receive a handwritten postcard with the following words:

Dear Victor Salgado, we are very grateful that you purchased our Hamilton Beach 3627 coffee machine. We hope you find it useful. Don’t forget to let us know about any questions or problems on the phone 81 8262 8250. Don’t hesitate to visit us at

  • The second reason is that only 5% of the people you send it to will read it when they do it electronically. The rest won’t even notice that you sent them anything.

3. Plan future purchases

What if you sat down and / or called each of your customers and discussed their future needs? Imagine how easy it would be for your fire extinguisher supplier to refill these before they run out.

4. Notify them of everything you are offering

Have you ever been told by a customer, “Oh, I didn’t know you were selling this too.”

You want every customer to know everything they can buy from you. Just think how many people are insured with many different companies. When was the last time your insurer called you and asked if they could make you a quote for any policies that you don’t currently have with them.

5. Write a monthly or at least quarterly newsletter

That way, you can keep in touch with them, or at least make them feel like you haven’t left them and they can keep an eye on you a lot more than you imagine. This is an excellent strategy.

6. Special offers

If your customers don’t get offers, don’t load an excellent loyalty card, or feel important about being your customers in some way, they won’t get that much from you and therefore not from you. Think of your favorite restaurant. Could they send you the special menu for the week every Monday?

I’m sure you can think of over a dozen different ways to stop your customers from coming back. However, it’s not about the ideas, but about the actions. The point is to put some or all of these ideas into action in your company NOW. If you don’t do anything else, send a thank you card to at least some or all of them

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