The tension between Sanders and Warren centers the seventh debate of the Democratic candidates

Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden y Bernie Sanders, durante el debate moderado por la CNN

Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, during the CNN moderated debate – Edward M. PioRoda

Trump says he doesn't believe the veteran senator said a woman can't win the presidential elections in the US


The tension between Sanders and Warren centers the seventh debate of the Democratic candidates
The tension between Sanders and Warren centers the seventh debate of the Democratic candidates

The tension between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, derived from a macho comment that the senator attributes to the veteran senator for Vermont and that he denies, has focused on Tuesday the seventh debate of the candidates for the presidential candidacy of the United States Democratic Party.

The two candidates, who in the previous debates had faced each other in a friendly manner and avoided direct criticism, have changed the tone in the seventh debate, held when there are three weeks left for the Iowa caucuses. The cameras have shown the tense dialectical exchange between the two candidates when the debate is over, with Warren apparently refusing to shake hands with Sanders, CBS reports.

After a first hour of debate focused mainly on foreign policy issues, especially about the US tensions with Iran, Sanders and Warren have engaged in a direct confrontation over the 2018 senator's statements at a meeting.

On Monday, the senator said that in a private meeting in 2018 the two talked about the goals for the US economy and about the prospect of winning the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, in the presidential elections of 2020, at which time which Sanders assured him that he does not believe that a woman can win the elections, according to their version. Sanders has denied that he would have said that in the match.

In the debate, Sanders has again denied that he said a woman cannot win the presidential elections in the United States. “Actually, I didn't say that,” he said, before pointing out that in 2015 he offered Warren to run for the candidacy and that she refused, so he decided to run as a candidate.

Sanders has also highlighted that Hillary Clinton won three million votes more than Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election as a Democratic presidential candidate and has wondered if anyone really thinks that a woman cannot reach the Presidency of the United States.

Warren has been asked in the debate what his response to Sanders' phrase was at that 2018 meeting and the senator has said she showed her rejection of that statement. “I didn't agree. Bernie is my friend and I'm not here to face Bernie,” he added.

Instead, the senator has said that the time has come to address “in the face” the question of whether a woman can become president of the United States and has stressed that women who were participating in the debate treasure a better track record. of election results. “The men in this scenario together have lost ten elections,” he said. “Women in this scenario have not lost any,” he added.

The debate on Tuesday has been the one that has least gathered, with only six participants qualified to participate in the event (Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar and Tom Steyer, in addition to Warren and Sanders).

At the end of the debate, the candidates have greeted each other but Warren, after greeting Biden, seems to have avoided shaking hands with Sanders, according to CBS. At that time, the two have engaged in a heated discussion, with Steyer within walking distance.

The president of the United States has pronounced on the controversy between Warren and Sanders and has assured that he does not believe that the senator said that his democratic rival attributes to him. “I don't think he said that,” Trump said, in press statements.

“I don't know him. I don't especially like him. He's an unpleasant guy,” said the president, and then defended Sanders on the grounds that Warren's message “isn't the kind of thing he would say,” he said. reports the NBC chain. Trump has made these statements in Wisconsin, where on Tuesday night he has held a rally before his followers.

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