The Technical Commission concludes the reform text to change the Constitution of Chile


The Technical Commission formed by the Chilean political parties that signed the agreement to change the country's Constitution has reached an agreement on Friday and has finished drafting the reform project that will begin the constitutional process.

“Today, we would like to inform you that the commission has reached an agreement regarding the proposed constitutional reform text that it will make available to the presidents of political parties to advance the process by the new Constitution,” confirmed the representative of The Independent Democratic Union (UDI), Ernesto Silva, has collected the local newspaper 'El Mercurio'.

The Technical Commission concludes the reform text to change the Constitution of Chile
The Technical Commission concludes the reform text to change the Constitution of Chile

The draft does not include gender quotas, seats reserved for native peoples or participation of independents, one of the main pitfalls in the process.

However, the president of the Radical Party (PR), Carlos Maldonado, has assured that these matters will be promoted through bills.

“To give greater representation and greater legitimacy to the constitutional process that we have strongly promoted in terms of independents, gender parity and seats reserved for native peoples, as we have indicated and since it has not been possible to reach an agreement with Chile We are going as a block , we will promote it through legislation, “said Maldonado, according to the newspaper 'La Tercera'.

The representative of the Liberal Party (PL), Alejandra Zúñiga, has lamented that after thirteen days of sessions no guarantees could be established to improve citizen participation in the initiative.

“These are not whims of the opposition, but the unavoidable floor for the process to be deployed legitimately and credibly,” he said, while emphasizing the need for gender equity in the process. “We want to be part of equal conditions in the discussion about the content of a new Constitution,” he said.

For his part, the representative of Evópoli, José Francisco García, stressed that “the text we have agreed today is a small step in this constituent process, but it is an important step. It is a step of hope and optimism, which will give the convention, any of them, discuss, deliberate, persuade, agree on the text of the new Constitution. ”

“It will be, hopefully, a Constitution that unites us and does not divide us any more, it will be up to the Chileans to ratify the work done by any of these conventions … I am sure that the Chileans and Chileans begin this constitutional process in this small step that We give today and I am sure it will conclude successfully with a new Constitution, “he said.

Along the same lines, the representative of the Party for Democracy (PPD), Pamela Figueroa, has assessed the series of previous steps that pushed the process, such as the beginning of the social outbreak and before the efforts made by the Government of Michelle Bachelet to generate a new Magna Carta, which was “a very important antecedent for the moment in which we are today”.

On November 15, the Government and the opposition announced an agreement to replace the Magna Carta, which has been in force in Chile since 1981, which is why it is popularly known as the Pinochet Law.

A plebiscite will be held in April that will propose two alternatives: a constituent assembly composed of citizens elected for it or an instance that includes the participation of at least 50 percent of congressmen and the other half with members elected for that purpose.

The constitutional change is the main demand for the protests that began on October 17 for the fourth rise in the price of the subway in a few months and quickly escalated to denounce social inequality. At least 22 people died from the repression of the demonstrations, which have already diminished.

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