The talks between M5S and PD run aground to form a government in Italy


The talks between the 5 Star Movement (M5S) and the Democratic Party (PD) to try to form a government and prevent Italy from having to go to early elections have stalled on Tuesday due to differences in some names.

The main point of friction is the continuation of Giuseppe Conte as prime minister, according to the M5S, while from the PD they reproach the leader of the other formation, Luigi di Maio, for wanting to be Minister of the Interior at all costs.

The talks between M5S and PD run aground to form a government in Italy
The talks between M5S and PD run aground to form a government in Italy

The M5S has published a statement early in the morning in which it warns that there will be no more meetings with the party led by Nicola Zingaretti until “in their party organs they have given the ok to the position of Conte”.

As the Di Maio party has denounced, during the talks held so far the PD “only talk about positions and ministries” but not about “issues or budget.” “So we are not doing well,” he stressed.

However, PD sources cited by the agency AdnKronos have clarified that “the government agreement runs the risk of jumping for the personal ambitions of Luigi di Maio, who wants to be Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.” “He is not right about this and wants to move forward with an ultimatum,” the sources have denounced.

“Di Maio wants the Viminale (the Ministry of the Interior) and is conditioning all this negotiation,” said democratic sources that closely follow the negotiation they have recognized, “has run aground.” Thus, the sources have specified that a planned meeting at the Chigi Palace, seat of the Government, between Conte, Di Maio and Zingaretti “has been canceled.”

However, since the M5S they have rushed to deny the accusations against their leader. Luigi di Maio, party sources have told the said agency, “Viminale has never asked for the M5S.” “First you have to talk about the issues,” they have defended, in line with what was stated in their previous statement.

In this regard, they have indicated that the meeting scheduled for this morning with a delegation of the PD with Zingaretti in front has been “postponed until the Democrats put an end to their reservation” regarding the continuation of Conte.

The president of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, has delayed to Wednesday the round of contacts he plans to maintain with the political parties to determine if there is any viable alternative to the call for early parliamentary elections.

Mattarella already held a first round last week, after Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte submitted his resignation on August 20 due to the rupture of the alliance between the 5 Star Movement (M5S) of Luigi Di Maio and the Matteo League Salvini

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