The Taliban claim they have taken control of another district near the capital of Afghanistan

The Taliban assured this Friday that, as part of their progress over the past few months, despite the peace talks with the government that began in September 2020, they have taken control of another district in Maidan Uardak province near the Afghan capital, Kabul, in the capital from Qatar, Doha.

The insurgent’s spokesman, Zabihulá Muyahid, emphasized through his report on the social network Twitter that “the center of the Jalrez district in Maidan Uardak province, along with the police headquarters, has come under the total control of the mujahideen.”

“The enemy forces have surrendered their weapons and joined the mujahideen,” he said before adding that the insurgents also acquired heavy and light weapons and ammunition after fighting with the security forces.

The Taliban claim they have taken control of another district near the capital of Afghanistan
The Taliban claim they have taken control of another district near the capital of Afghanistan

The Taliban’s takeover of Jalrez was confirmed by provincial parliamentarian Mahdi Rashij, who said it took place after three days of the attacks, according to Afghan television station Tolo TV.

Rasij has elaborated that at least seven agents have died and that several members of the security forces have been captured by the insurgents, recalling that the area has been surrounded by the group for about two years.

With this in mind, he has criticized the fact that “the central government has not acted to help the security forces stationed in the district for the past three days of the fighting”. Jalrez is just over 60 kilometers from Kabul and is the second district of Maidan Uardak, which has fallen into the hands of the Taliban in the past two weeks.

The Taliban also occupied Daulat Sah district in Logar province (east) on Thursday, while the Defense Ministry stressed that security forces have started a “tactical retreat” in the region.

The increase in fighting despite the peace talks has resulted in an increase in civilian casualties and more than 100,000 displaced persons since January 1, according to the United Nations Office for Coordination of Affairs on Sunday. Humanitarians (OCHA).

Taliban’s advances in international troop withdrawal have raised concerns about the possible inadequate capacity of the Afghan security forces to deal with the insurgents who are threatening to gain further ground, which they could use to their advantage in the peace negotiations.

Sources cited by the Afghan television broadcaster Tolo TV said on Monday that, given the stagnation in the process, the insurgents had agreed to the option of resuming talks with the government delegation in Doha while they were ready to attend the future Istanbul summit.

The Turkish government announced on April 21 a second postponement of the peace conference on Afghanistan in the city of Istanbul, this time until after the month of Ramadan, as the Taliban refused to attend.

The summit was originally due to take place before May 1, the date set in the peace agreement between the United States and the insurgents for the end of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

However, US President Joe Biden announced in April that the end of the withdrawal would be complete on September 11th, 20 years after the September 11th attacks, as Washington had doubts about the Taliban’s commitment to the peace deal and criticism from the Insurgents was provoked.

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