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The Swedish Prosecutor investigates an Iraqi minister for alleged crimes against humanity

November 25, 2019


The Swedish Public Prosecutor's Office has announced the opening of a preliminary investigation into an Iraqi minister to determine whether he could commit crimes against Humanity, without clarifying either the name of the investigated leader or the crimes he is accused of.

The Public Ministry has explained in a brief statement that acts following a series of complaints and now the National Unit for International and Organized Crime will determine whether or not to proceed with these investigations, “at a very early stage” yet.

The Prosecutor's announcement coincides with another controversy opened in Sweden due to the alleged irregularities of the Iraqi Defense Minister, Najah al Shammari, which several media have accused of being collecting public aid for years despite residing in Baghdad.

Al Shammari emigrated in Sweden to 2009, a country from which he obtained nationality six years later. Officially, he is still registered in an area on the outskirts of Stockholm and is administratively registered with the pseudonym Najah al Adeli.