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The surprising start of CryptoKitties overloads Nifty, the Winklevoss exchange

May 15, 2020

CryptoKitties, the popular crypto collectible game, just released “Catterina”, a new collector’s item limited edition with only 100 units (tokens), this character fIt was drawn by designer and illustrator Momo Wang for Nifty, a stock exchange owned by Winklevoss.

Wang is known for creating Tuzki, an animated rabbit that is shared millions of times every day via Facebook and WeChat.

New CryptoKitties were sold out within a few minutes

It’s been two and a half years since then CryptoKitties “broke” the Ethereum (ETH) platform and the requirement of Non-consumable tokens (NFT) still strong, makes Nifty Service interruptions occur due to the introduction of the new token. At the time of the limited edition announcement, Nifty was tweeted as 100 new users had registered on the platform.

The surprising start of CryptoKitties overloads Nifty, the Winklevoss exchange
The surprising start of CryptoKitties overloads Nifty, the Winklevoss exchange

When the “surprise start” took place about three hours later, the exchange took place Publicity as “A large number of users have created a great deal of slowness on the platform.”. Three minutes after the startthe 100 units of “Catterina” Exhausted.

CryptoKittie’s lawsuit broke down Nifty

Nifty’s service issues persisted, the exchange announced:

“Our systems had an unexpected volume during this launch and there were some payment problems. Anyone who charged their card but did not receive a kitten will be automatically reimbursed. Anyone who tried to pay with ETH but did not do so Has.” achieved, it will also be reimbursed. “

Tyler Winklevoss tweeted to what happened: “Damn. That drop was intense.”

Shortly after the sale, Nifty released one of the “Catterina” NFTs was sold for $ 450 in a secondary market.

NFTs evolve beyond CryptoKitties

Although CryptoKitties It has shown that it can still make a fuss and even bring an exchange supported by billionaires to a standstill.The NFT ecosystem has evolved significantly since Dapper Labs released the first crypto game to collect in late 2017.

Current NFT initiatives They create collectibles that are associated with prominent public figuresand Dapper Labs announced their collaboration with the Ultimate Fighting Championship and the NBA Throw characters that represent popular mixed martial arts fighters (Mixed Martial Arts, MMA) that can be trained and leveled.

A few hours before the surprising release of “Catterina”, Nifty announced this the kittens who represent the fighter Cris Cyborg, the first MMA woman to win world championships, they had gone out.

The NFT revolution

The main advances in the NFT sector appears to be in the blockchain gaming industryin which the tokens can be bought and exchanged.

Although several highly anticipated NFT-based card games are under development, such as Coase and Skyweaver, the developers integrate NFT into a variety of gameslike RPGs, fantasy football and interoperable game “Multiverses”.

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