The Sudanese opposition takes to the streets at the Million March against the coup

The opposition to the October 25 coup in Sudan took to the streets of Khartoum this Saturday under the motto of the Million March to demonstrate their opposition to the coup and its leader, Lieutenant General Abdelfatá al Burham.

Several columns have started the march from different parts of the Sudanese capital such as Al Shayara, Kalalaka, South and East Nile, but the security forces have already cut off important arteries such as Al Matar Street, Obaid Khatam Street or Al Sitín Street. , reports the newspaper ‘Sudan Ajbar’.

Sudanese television Al Sharq has confirmed the strict security measures around the presidential palace, the headquarters of the armed forces and other important headquarters.

The Sudanese opposition takes to the streets at the Million March against the coup
The Sudanese opposition takes to the streets at the Million March against the coup

“We will not allow peaceful demonstrators to be attacked with gunfire. That will not give in to us, it will only strengthen our resolve,” said one of the demonstrators, Haitham Mohamed, in a statement collected by the British newspaper The Guardian.

“The noise of thunder is not a warning, but the inevitable promise of an earthquake for tyranny. Here is the million that goes on,” the Sudan Medical Committee, one of the most militant organizations, said in a statement. The goal is clear: “that all forms of tyranny fall”.

On this very Saturday, the Sudan Medical Committee reported the death of Mustafa Ahmed Muhayedín, a “revolutionary martyr” who was wounded last Tuesday by gunfire by the security forces. “This brings the number of martyrs confirmed by the commission to seven,” he said.

Meanwhile, the overthrown democratic government has called on members of the security forces to “refrain from violence against citizens who oppose the military coup and undermine the democratic transition.” In addition, he has again called for the methods of “peaceful resistance” to be adhered to.

In addition, in the statement published on the Ministry of Information’s Facebook page, it denounced the disruption of communications via mobile phones, landlines and the Internet. “Our people, who have defeated the authoritarian regime, are able to defeat all killing and terror machines and continue their dream of a free democratic home,” he says.

Since Friday evening, the security forces in Khartoum and its twin town Omdurman on the other side of the Blue Nile have closed strategic crossings and lifted checkpoints. The very bridges over the river have been under military control since Friday.

From abroad, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has warned the Sudanese security forces to respect human rights and called any form of violence against peaceful demonstrators “unacceptable”.

The US continues to support “the Sudanese people in their non-violent struggle for democracy,” wrote Blinken on his Twitter account.

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