The Sudanese government accuses the putschists of “war crimes and crimes against humanity” for suppressing protests

As part of the suppression of the protests against the coup on Monday, led by the President of the Sovereign Council, the Sudanese interim government denounced “terrible violations” by the coup plotters, which “equated to war crimes and crimes against humanity”. of transition, Abdelfatá al Burhan.

The executive said in a statement released late Wednesday that “since they declared their intention to undermine civil authority three days ago, coup plotters have continued to commit the most horrific violations of Sudanese protesters, on a par with war crimes and crimes against humanity” . “.

The Sudanese government accuses the putschists of “war crimes and crimes against humanity” for suppressing protests
The Sudanese government accuses the putschists of “war crimes and crimes against humanity” for suppressing protests

He stressed that “there are residential areas surrounded by armored military vehicles and heavily armed soldiers, there are women being dragged through the streets, children arrested and peaceful protesters shot with real fire, causing the fall of many martyrs and dozens of people Caused people. ” wounded.”.

“In one of the most serious crimes against human rights, the coup plotters isolated Sudan internationally by closing airports and air traffic services, and also imposed an information blackout by blocking access to communications and the Internet.” Services to all Sudanese people to hide the serious crimes and violations they have constantly committed against civilian protesters in all cities and villages of Sudan, “he said.

With this in mind, in its statement published by the Ministry of Information through its page on the Facebook social network, it argued that “yesterday’s return of the Internet service for several hours exposed only a fraction of the crimes, including opening fire on peaceful protesters, beating them Demonstrators with rifle butts and batons, brutal treatment of pedestrians, forcible removal of female students from their homes in the middle of the night and violation of the sanctity of people’s homes “.

For this reason, he applauds the “resilience” of the people who have joined the “civil disobedience in the face of the coup” and praises those who “have organized protests in many countries around the world to encourage their people against the coup and the return to it to support civil path to democracy “.

The executive has also denounced “persistent attempts” by the coup plotters to manipulate “public opinion” regarding the situation of Prime Minister Abdalá Hamdok, who was transferred to his home on Tuesday amid a major security operation after being a “guest” for a day. had spent. at Al Burhan’s home after he was arrested during the riot.

He emphasized that the statements made by the putschists that Hamdok had “complete freedom” were “false statements that should buy time to realign their position” in view of their “weakness” due to “pressure from the population and the international community”. . “.

“We reaffirm that the encircled prime minister failed to meet with his political base, speak to the media or communicate with the active forces of the revolution or the international community,” the executive emphasized.

Hours after the statement was released, ambassadors from the European Union, the United States, the United Kingdom and the United Nations called for the “full restoration of freedom” for Hamdok, who is “in good health” after meeting him in early Thursday morning his home in the capital, Khartoum.

On the other hand, the government has welcomed the decision of the African Union (AU) to suspend Sudan because of the coup and the “firm and clear messages that oppose the coup” from the EU and the embassies of several Western countries, including Spain.

“We ask our people to maintain their unity and to protect the revolution and its heroes from arrest and to maintain their commitment to the peaceful means by which the revolution emerged triumphantly and to avoid direct contact with the murderers,” he said . checked.

Finally, the Hamdok government stressed that “the coup plotters have no choice but to succumb to the vote of the people, release all political prisoners and immediately relinquish power.”

The President of the Sovereign Transitional Council, who is also Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, announced on Monday the dissolution of this body and the transitional government and, after weeks of tension, simultaneously imposed a state of emergency in the country for civilians and the military.

Al Burhan defended the coup on Tuesday, denouncing that after weeks of tension and allegations between civilians and military, the political forces wanted to “monopolize” the transition before promising the army would “not interfere in the formation of the new” executive branch .

According to the transitional authorities, Sudan was the scene of an attempted coup in mid-September by a group of officers of the armed forces who are allegedly connected to former President Omar Hasan al Bashir, which took place in 2019 after months of massive demonstrations against him.

The transitional authorities were established following an agreement between the previous military junta that emerged after the 2019 coup and various civil organizations and political opposition formations. This government has launched a series of social and economic reforms and has reached a peace agreement with key rebel groups in Darfur and other areas of the country.

However, the September attempt sparked an exchange of criticism and accusations between civilian and military elements that has exacerbated the political crisis, including Al Burhan’s motions to dissolve the government, which has led to confrontational demonstrations in recent days, between the transitional authorities and army.

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