the story behind Netflix’s famous intro sound

The platform’s Vice President of Product shared the story of how the famous intro sound came about and why it was chosen to be featured on a podcast.

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the story behind Netflix’s famous intro sound
the story behind Netflix’s famous intro sound

Every time we see original content from Netflix The brand’s logo is accompanied by the iconic sound “Ta-dam” in the introduction of the film or series. And now it is inevitable that this sound will be related to the brand to give it an identity and that it will remain engraved in everyone’s head to have it engraved on the mind.

But if you’ve ever wondered how the idea of ​​sound came about, you are not alone. This week on the podcast of Twenty thousand hertz, They dedicated one episode to sound only and hired Netflix VP of Product Todd Yellin to tell the story behind the audio.

Yellin stated that he hired Academy Award winner Lon Bender to create the project, along with guidance on concepts such as tension, speed, or quirk that the final sound should contain.

Image: via CinePremiere.

Bender had between 20 and 30 sounds of different styles, and for some time, he says, the favorite was relatively close to the audio we know today. Although among the other candidates there was the noise of a goat too.

Gizmodo: “Yellin remembers liking something that gushed like the ocean. But he didn’t care how he sounded or how he made people feel. A focus group linked Ta-Dum to a “dramatic” “interesting” “beginning” and even a “movie” without anyone knowing its purpose. “

In the end, it was her ten-year-old daughter who decided when the last five noises were left. After that, they polished the logo with the sound to create the scene we know for today’s Netflix launches.

Interestingly, the sound was created by a wedding ring hitting a wooden box. To add depth, a slowed anvil, muted hits, and the inverted sound of an electric guitar have been added.

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