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The steps to open an online store

March 19, 2020

E-commerce is gaining more and more strength in the country and the windows of opportunities are multiple, but do you know the steps, requirements and obligations that you have to start in electronic commerce?

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Every day it becomes more attractive for entrepreneurs to enter the world of e-commerce , but for those who are thinking of setting up a virtual store, the question may arise of how different the process of starting an online business can be compared to a traditional one. Here we present the steps to follow to open an online store.

The steps to open an online storeThe steps to open an online store

At the base, the concepts are the same: think about your needs, the type of clients you are going to reach, do a market study. In either of the two ways they are basic approaches that you have to ask yourself before going out to conquer the world with your new project. But without a doubt, there are some elements that are particular to the e-commerce entrepreneur, which are described below:

Choose the platform . To start, you must take into account that whatever the area of ​​your business to be addressed, in the market there will be three possibilities from which to choose for your online store: SaaS systems (software as a service), custom developments and open source tools. You should analyze the advantages and disadvantages offered by each of these.

Another option is to install your online store within a “gallery” or “shopping center” sharing services with other businesses. Here the equivalent would be a web directory and it is used if your store is smaller and the resources too.

Register your domain . It is recommended that, if you are in Mexico, you have the ending .mx.

Create a constitutive act. One of the most complex points has to do with recognizing the company's place of origin, as the network is a global space. Therefore, once the platform has been chosen, it is necessary to create the articles of incorporation (in case of being a completely new company). If your company already existed, it should only be verified that there are no restrictions in the minutes regarding its deployment on the network.

Registration of names. It is essential to register the names, logos and any symbol or representation of your online store before the Mexican Institute of Intellectual Property.

Find the experts. First-timers are recommended to join the Mexican Internet Association , which is in charge of legitimizing Mexican companies inserted into e-commerce.

Choose the payment methods. One of the sensitive issues on which your relationship with the client will also depend. You should not only make sure you have the safest measures, but also make clear the security and confidentiality policies of the data and operations of the clients.

And the mode of delivery. It is essential that you define which areas, regions or countries your delivery covers and in how long it reaches the final consumer.
Other points that you should take into account for your online store, if you are in Mexico, is that the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit has obligations for your business:

  • Register with the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit to obtain the tax ID.
  • Save the corresponding information that proves the legality of the merchandise sold.
  • Deliver invoices to clients and keep them during the times established by law.
  • Make the corresponding tax declarations.

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