The step to which the entrepreneurial ecosystem was expected

Today we see exponential growth and market penetration in the technological field.

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The step to which the entrepreneurial ecosystem was expected
The step to which the entrepreneurial ecosystem was expected

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The economic situation in which we live on a global level is a major challenge for every person or company in terms of sustainability, growth and stability. The Covid-19 He urged all industries to have adaptable and scalable models with the new current order due to constraints.

For many years, the big disruptive minds have been thinking and analyzing how a service or product can be improved based on technological implementation. While innovation isn’t about finding the thread, the main goal is to improve the production, communication, or satisfaction chains based on technological tools and adapt them to a product that leads to and transforms the customer experience real problem solves. .

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Today we see exponential growth and market penetration in the technological field; All generations have recognized the need for forced integration into this world, either to make a purchase or to make a payment. This is where responsibility as an entrepreneur and company arises to create a responsive, adaptable and friendly product for all sectors of the population.

The entrepreneurial ecosystem has well digitized all processes in search of the famous scalability. The truth is that we only focus on a few archetypes. We see all platforms that are fundamental to human life as being obliged to cover all of society’s requirements, regardless of age. One learning that leaves us with the pandemic and the limitation is the adaptability you may have had under all circumstances before and that your platform must be fully digestible to any user.

A change in consumption habits can be analyzed more closely in the coming weeks or months. Although we have some data today that we can use to make a diagnosis, it is necessary to strengthen all of the information received in order to know the panorama in which we will be. Today we have customers who are hungry for sensitive products for everyone in every latitude and who are extremely demanding.

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We need to broaden the vision and not cling to a specific audience. We know that knowing your users is an essential part of a company’s success. Without them we go blind, but one of the characteristics of the entrepreneurial world. It is the ability to be malleable or dynamic. It is time to take full advantage of this quality to meet the needs of the post-Covid world and not to immerse ourselves in the business practices of yesteryear.

The teams responsible for technology and innovation must pay particular attention to details, be inclusive and adaptable. The digital age is a fact that has arrived and has a significant boost thanks to the global situation. This opens a branch of study in which the Ux and Ui teams have to find the right synergies to achieve a correct symbiosis between generations that were previously technologically far away.

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