The startup Rocketbot was recognized as the second best tool for automating robot processes

In the latest edition of Gartner’s “Voice of the Customer” Peer Insight, Rocketbot is named one of the top eight RPA platforms, rated by customers around the world.

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The startup Rocketbot was recognized as the second best tool for automating robot processes
The startup Rocketbot was recognized as the second best tool for automating robot processes

An unprecedented achievement for Latin American technology companies and especially for the Chilean industry is that of the national RPA (Robotic Process Automation) platform Rocketbot, which has been recognized as one of the best positioned automation tools in the world.

This emerges from the latest Gartner report “Peer Insights: The Voice of Customers 2020”, in which the world’s most renowned technology consultancy positioned the Chilean company as the second best RPA tool for the market for medium-sized companies (billing) US $ 50 to 1 billion annually -Dollar).

“For us, it’s an accomplishment that reaffirms the goal that Roketbot was born with: to be one of the most competitive RPA tools in the world that originated in Latin America. This very important distinction based on Gartner’s influence shows that our goal of democratizing and facilitating RPA for all companies and levels is on the right track, ”said Rafael Fuentes, Co-Founder and Commercial Director of Rocketbot.

Gartner rates tools based on the reviews that the decision-makers of companies, and where only the opinions of companies with experience in the use of technological solutions and who frequently make reviews on the website, are taken into account. In this way, Rocketbot positioned itself closely below the top two tools for the midsize business market with a rating of 4.9 (the highest score is 5.0).

This year there were 1,147 reviews from RPA companies rated by the consulting firm. In addition, Rocketbot is one of the eight best positioned companies in the world, along with industry leaders such as UIPath, Automation Everywhere and Blue Prisma, alongside the “Voice of the Customer”.

“The position is very commendable as our rating is better than that of large global companies. We don’t surpass them because they have hundreds of reviews and are recognized around the world, unlike us, who in just a year and a half were expanding their activities to all continents after we settled in Latin America, ”said Rocketbot’s commercial director.

Rafael Fuentes and David Cuello, founders of Rocketbot

The Chilean RPA is represented in 17 countries with more than 180 customers, including more than 760 banks and insurers. It also recently added customers in Europe and the United States with the intention of opening offices in Asia next year to reach 500 customers and $ 4 million in revenue.

“We believe that our platform has no roof, as we are based on a simple but sophisticated foundation: turning bots into highly skilled workers for repetitive tasks, structures and digital media, thus reducing the burden on employees taking their working hours devote creative and productive. In addition, the pandemic has made it clear that automation is a matter of life or death for businesses. Therefore, this industry has no choice but to continue to grow in the years to come, “says Fuentes, adding that” our pride is twofold, to know that this is the case from Latin America, that we have a technological platform in the great Position leagues “.

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