The start of the Filecoin core network “is underway”

After revealing the details of his test network competition a few days ago, Angie Maguire, Filecoin’s Business Development Officer, said the project’s main network is operational this summer.

“The Filecoin mainnet is on the way for our launch window from July 20 to August 20.”Maguire informed Cointelegraph by email on June 10 and referred to the project roadmap.

Filecoin will host a test network competition that will start shortly

Filecoin, a blockchain-based data storage project, announced its next test network competition on June 10th before its next major network launch.

The start of the Filecoin core network “is underway”
The start of the Filecoin core network “is underway”

To fix network problems before starting the main network, Test Networks Contest honors the 100 best miners in the worldtaking into account the storage that everyone places in the ecosystem. The best miners from every continent also win prizes.

“We will confirm the exact start date when we set the start date, however The competition can start in early July. “Maguire detailed.

The competition has sparked community interest

The community is interested in the concept of the competition, Maguire confirmed. “We have had very positive feedback from our global mining community and we’re going to have a live QA later this month to make sure everyone is well prepared for the competition. “

Maguire identified the source of inspiration for the competition and said:

“Incentive test networks have become a proven method to help users prepare to start new chains. We review many test network incentive programs and combine the best elements with some unique Filecoin features like storing real user data. ”

Filecoin’s project has been going on for yearsafter $ 257 million during the first coin offering in 2017.

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