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The Spanish sports company with blockchain technology achieved almost half a million euros in its financing round

June 4, 2020

Globatalent, the platform that is to revolutionize the sports law industry through the use of blockchain technology, in which fans can finance and support players and clubs. It was recently announced that they have exceeded the market target of their round of financing Increase 469,100 euros.

The aim of this platform is to combat the unequal distribution of funds to individuals and associations. Furthermore, This industry is characterized by a hidden and centralized financing structure.

To respond to the financial difficulties that prevent players and sports centers from realizing their true potential, The co-founders of Globatalent developed a decentralized platform that is based on the Ethereum blockchain and gives them the opportunity to self-finance and grant their followers and token owners a percentage of their future entry rights.

Opportunities amid the COVID 19 crisis

The Spanish sports company with blockchain technology achieved almost half a million euros in its financing roundThe Spanish sports company with blockchain technology achieved almost half a million euros in its financing round

The company’s promoters are of the opinion The current situation could be a catalyst for your project as Covid-19 triggers a terrible sales crisis in the sports industry, which puts us in an unprecedented environment.

The round took place on the British Crowdequity Envestors platform and each shareholder had to contribute at least GBP 500 (€ 558.4) in which a total of 22 investors participated These include former football player Javier Saviola, who played for FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, among others, and CBA player Nacho Llovet.

In addition, fans not only benefit from being more committed to their idols and sports teams, but also receive token rewards.

On the other hand, sports stars will also benefit because the platform offers them a decentralized structure that gives them more power over their income rights than they are willing to offer in exchange for funding.

Globatalent is a company run by Spaniards with experience in the sports industry

Globatalent is a company managed by a group of experienced Spanish professionals from the sports industry. Co-founders are Sunil Bhardwaj, who is also the company’s CEO, Ferrán Martínez, Alex Preukschat and Iñaki Cabrera. These entrepreneurs have developed a passion for renewing, revolutionizing and increasing the transparency of funding in the world of sports.

Funding is set in smart contracts, and tokens are released and distributed as soon as players and clubs reach their goals. In accordance with the principles of integrity and transparency, all token holders and athletes have access to profiles, successes and future development plans via the Globatalent platform.

Professional players who share the vision of Globatalent have been recruited to undertake sports-related activities and as ambassadors. These include the former American star of the Los Angeles Lakers and the vice president of the NBA players’ association Maurice Evans, who has 12 years of top-level experience in basketball leagues around the world.

The platform covers a wide range of sports including soccer, basketball, soccer, golf, handball, cricket and many more. The leading women’s handball team in Spain is currently ready to use the Globatalent platform.

The first phase of the round in which the minimum goal has been reached is currently complete. However,The company has neither specified the capital that it is expected to raise in a second phase nor the term.