The Spanish section of the IEEE announced the winners of their annual blockchain technology event

On September 24, the IEEE Spain section announced on its web portal the jury’s decision for the “Blockchain Spain 2020 Award” for the best project and the best research article presented using the “Blockchain” technology.

The call was mainly divided into two categories: projects and research articles that related in whole or in part to blockchain research or applications, in disciplines in which the IEEE works, for example: areas of electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunications and information technology.

One of the awards is due to the category of the most relevant project: “Award of the IEEE Blockchain Spain Initiative for the most relevant project 2020”, This was awarded to the NOIXON TV platform presented by the International Institute for Research in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science (AIR Institute).

The Spanish section of the IEEE announced the winners of their annual blockchain technology event
The Spanish section of the IEEE announced the winners of their annual blockchain technology event

The evaluation criteria that were taken into account when selecting the project were aspects such as: practical application, usefulness, the volume of people who benefit from it, as well as the volume of employment it would create and the investments generated after its implementation. continue.

A second prize was also awarded: “Award of the IEEE Blockchain Spain Initiative for the best research article 2020”, where the development of research based on blockchain technology in the IEEE areas has been taken into accountM. Magdalena Payeras-Capellá, Maciá Mut-Puigserver, Miguel A. Cabot-Nada, with the research work “Blockchain-based system for electronic registered multi-party delivery services”, IEEE Access, 7, were awarded 95825 – 95843,2019. DOI: 10.1109 / ACCESS.2019.2929101.

In addition to the two previous awards, the jury has determined that the review article will receive a second prize: AccEsit of the IEEE Blockchain Spain Initiative for the best review article 2020 on the work of Paula Fraga-Lamas, Tiago M. Fernández – Caramés, “An overview of blockchain technologies for the advanced and cyber-resilient automotive industry”, IEEE Access 7, 17578–17598, 2019. DOI: 10.1109 / ACCESS. 2019.2895302.

The award decision was made by a special committee composed of members of the Spanish IEEE Blockchain Initiative, led by Javier Prieto, President of the Jury and Coordinator of the IEEE Spain Initiative and Coordinator of Industrial Relations, Juan Jesús Yubero, Secretary of the Jury and Alberto Partida, member of the initiative.

The publication details that the winners of the Blockchain Spain 2020 Award will receive a certificate, which will be awarded by the Spanish IEEE section as part of the annual award ceremony on IEEE Day. In the same way, they get 50% discount on tuition fees for the Blockchain and Smart Contracts Masters Degree taught by the University of Salamanca in collaboration with IBM.

IEEE Spain

This measure is an attempt by the IEEE to promote two essential aspects for the functionality of blockchain technology: the interoperability between networks and the standardization of criteria and references.

This year he took part in the startup Olé 2020 – Digital Edition, in which he offered a webinar entitled: Effects of Blockchain on Business Models and Platform Economy, taught by Oscar Lage Serrano (Head of Cyber ​​Security Blockchain at Tecnalia) and became a member of the iEEE Spain Blockchain Initiative, which analyzed the technology’s potential to create disruptive innovations. The institution also held two round tables, a first table: s @IEEE, at which different points of view from a professional and personal point of view were to be shared, and a second table entitled Blockchain in Companies of the Nachzeit -Covid. Powered by IEEE, which discussed blockchain in companies in the post-Covid era.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) is the world’s largest professional technical organization, bringing together more than 420,000 engineers, scientists, technologists and professionals in more than 160 countries who are committed to advancing technological advances Innovation and excellence for the benefit of mankind.

The initiative will organize an IEEE Blockchain Initiative Summit, which the institute has included in IEEE GLOBECOM 2021, which will take place in Madrid in December 2021.

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