The Spanish project with blockchain was a finalist in the European Digital Mindset Awards

Endesa’s CONF? A project, the pilot of which was carried out in collaboration with the City Council of Malaga and the University of Malaga, was a finalist in the European Digital Mindset Awards of the Digital Enterprise Show (DES), which was presented as part of FITUR in Madrid, which was awarded the Diputació de Ourense was. This was reported in a statement from the Malaga City Council in Spain.

In particular, the project was a finalist in the “Best Digital Accelerator in the Public Sector” category, which recognizes the work of the public sector on digital transformation issues.

European Digital Mindset Awards

The European Digital Mindset Awards, for which around 2,500 nominations were submitted this year, are intended to recognize innovative projects, leadership cases and digital transformation that represent a disruptive and innovative approach to customer experience, the management of information technology services and new digital business models.

The CONFÃ ?? A project

The Spanish project with blockchain was a finalist in the European Digital Mindset Awards
The Spanish project with blockchain was a finalist in the European Digital Mindset Awards

The CONFÃ ?? A project essentially consists of using blockchain technology to speed up the detection of consumers who are in a situation of serious risk, at risk of exclusion, and speed up the management of the aids provided for in the legislation, so that a further step will be used to combat energy poverty.

In particular, the CONFâ A system, in which Izertis, the business partner of IBM, is involved, makes it possible to determine the amount up to the payment of vulnerable customers so that they can access the financing of their invoices in accordance with the provisions in RD 897/2017, on the basis of which the number of vulnerable consumers is determined and the electrical social bonus is defined so that supply cuts can be avoided, as stipulated in the ministerial regulations.

In this way, an automated system is passed, and the flow of information between all the actors involved in the process (marketers, autonomous communities, municipalities, etc.) allows the reception of the data of the people who were incurred in the case of non-payment of the electricity for social services to cross can

Information with its own database and contact the company to avoid a reduction in supply if it is found to be a consumer who meets the eligibility criteria for vulnerable consumers at risk of social exclusion.


Its effectiveness has been proven during the pilot project, developed in collaboration with the Social Rights Division of the Malaga City Council and the Urban Data Center (CEMI) dependent on the Urban Innovation and Digitization Division. Functionality and scalability to apply to other councils interested in this technology and to significantly reduce the turnaround times of assistance to vulnerable customers who are at risk of exclusion and therefore provide them with a better service statement.


Recently, Cointelegraph en Español reported that, following tests carried out last year, Endesa and Izertis have reached an agreement on the integration, use and maintenance of the CONFÃ? Project funded by CTA (Corporación Tecnológica de AndalucÃa). Have signed A. Passed on Málaga City Council

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