The Spanish neobank rebellion joins forces with Mambu for their European expansion

Rebellion is a neo-bank of Spanish origin and has formed an alliance with Mambu to offer its service in Europe. This was reported by Bolsamanía on May 14th.

According to the Boslamania article, the global ecosystem of fintech startups has been testing the financial institutions sector for some time to see how it can attract the attention of a significant percentage of customers with lower structural costs and a good technological base. “This is the case with Rebellion Pay, a free mobile application that provides banking services for the generation already known as” Like Generation “,” the publication emphasized.

Rebellion was born in 2017 by two Spanish programmers: Alejandro Sagrado and Sergio Cerro. The latter said: “Our philosophy is consistent with that of many successful online services that give the user complete freedom to do and undo it.”

The Spanish neobank rebellion joins forces with Mambu for their European expansion
The Spanish neobank rebellion joins forces with Mambu for their European expansion

According to Bolamanía They have more than 150,000 users since the start of Rebellion, and the company is optimistic that the average age of their customers will continue to grow. In this context, Cerro said: “We interpret this signal as positive because it reflects that the product is also compatible with a public that has more banking experience and knows other alternatives on the market.”

Now, Rebellion has signed an agreement with Mambu, a German multinational company dedicated to providing financial technology to the cloud. “This makes Rebellion the first Spanish fintech company to sign an alliance with Mambu that already has relevant companies like N26, Mynt or Oaknorth in its portfolio,” the article said. The Spanish Neobank wants to increase the number of customers and is thus taking a step towards the European market.

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