The Spanish motorcycle company accepts cryptocurrencies as a means of payment

The two-wheeler sector, led by Soriano MotoriIn a press release on Tuesday, November 24th, it was announced that payment systems are insured and can receive current digital currencies or cryptocurrencies as a means of paymentThis opens up new international business opportunities for both customers and sellers.

Motorcycle company Soriano Motori is taking a new step in its commitment to innovation and is the first motorcycle manufacturer worldwide to accept payments with cryptocurrencies.

The Italian-American brand of Spanish origin offers its customer portfolio a comprehensive payment system that is insured and can receive multiple global currenciesThese include the US dollar (USD), the British pound (BDP) and the euro (EUR) as well as a wide range of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), BTC Cash, LiteCash or LiteCoin (LTC), to facilitate the purchase of motorcycles and to dispose of your motorcycle regardless of the currency of its country of origin.

The Spanish motorcycle company accepts cryptocurrencies as a means of payment
The Spanish motorcycle company accepts cryptocurrencies as a means of payment

In this context, Marco Antonio Soriano emphasizes that “All of our customers can benefit from the great advantages of cryptocurrencies. Thanks to digital currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), we can, among other things, carry out international transactions without commissions or without considering exchange rate fluctuations. “says the founder of Grupo Soriano and an experienced cryptocurrency investor.

The company found that The eComerce Store is integrated with the Coinbase trading platform for cryptocurrencies and an advanced blockchain system. This takes full advantage of this disruptive technology, eliminates all intermediaries and increases security so that users are always in control of the financial transactions they are executing.

The digital motorcycle brand is the first new motorcycle manufacturer to accept this payment method worldwide. As a result, it is being integrated into other luxury sectors as part of the commitment to so-called “digital gold”.

The motorcycle company is working with a team of engineers with extensive experience in electric drives from the European Union and the United States to create an icon in the motorcycle field that exudes cutting-edge technologies.

Cryptocurrencies in Spain

Digitization has been installed in all areas of Spain. The currency environment, like so many other areas, has found an energetic ally in technology, the opportunity to reinvent itself and lay the groundwork for a real revolution that will give way to the cryptocurrency sector, a new way of conceiving and using money digital age to act.

In this regard, in July last year, Cointelegraph en Español released a paper mentioning that Spain is the sixth country to have the most Bitcoin ATMs in the world.

The article highlighted that the total number of ATMs with cryptocurrency is 82 machines. This makes Barcelona the main Spanish city with the most ATMs with a total of 21 in the conglomerate of cities with these ATMs in the region.

However, when it comes to regulating cryptocurrencies, Spain still does not see its direction clearly. Despite the fact that the possession of cryptocurrencies in this country is under the control of the state treasury and it is necessary to indicate in the income statement, the national regulations that regulate them are currently waiting at the European level.

Therefore, neither the Bank of Spain nor the SEPBLAC (Executive Service for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Monetary Crimes) have issued a statement on supervision of this sector.

However, Following reports from the European Central Bank (ECB) on the possible creation of the digital euro, the governments decided to stick with this initiative. The trend towards tighter regulation of cryptocurrencies can be seen within the European Union, the United Kingdom and Spain.

End of September this year On the initiative of the Club of Countries, the Community Parliament and the European Council drafted a draft with legislative aspects. undoubtedly the most important and outstanding initiative for the world of cryptocurrencies.

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