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The Spanish luxury association offers certificates with blockchain technology

May 15, 2020

The blockchain will receive greater recognition and expansion in Spain thanks to the use of the Spanish luxury association, who recently announced his collaboration with Bureau Veritas by introducing a quality certificate based on blockchain technology.

The Spanish Luxury Association is a non-profit organization registered in the National Register of Associations of the Interior Ministry to bring together professionals from Spanish luxury companies and brands.

This association wants to promote Spanish brands nationally and internationally in new and existing markets.The Safe Trust project was launched with the Luxury Spain seal in order to achieve global product consolidation with the support of the association, which wants to ensure the reliability of leverage products.

The Spanish luxury association offers certificates with blockchain technology
The Spanish luxury association offers certificates with blockchain technology

Thanks to the reliability and transparency of blockchain technology, the In the midst of this pandemic, the Spanish luxury association is trying to ensure that the products protected within the association are not illegal copies or adulterated products.

Luxury Spain concentrates no less than 180 companies worldwide and has set itself the goal of creating a climate of trust between consumers and customers as a partner.

Bureau Veritas is a globally recognized organization for testing, certification and inspection services. It is a company that was founded in 1828 and has more than 200 years, more than 75,000 employees and no less than 1,500 branches worldwide. This suggests that the issuance of blockchain-based certificates via this platform will increase rapidly. .

The versatility of blockchain technology, which goes beyond its use for the cryptocurrency system, enables the further development of the existing technologies. For this reason, companies like Bureau Veritas, which have a recognized track record, rely on these disruptive technologies to stay ahead.

Luxury Spain has taken a very interesting step not just trying to promote trade using the latest technology that guarantees the accuracy of the products and brands it covers, It is associated with a company that leads audits and certifications, which is a breakthrough in the industry, as the intervention in the certification process of a company like Bureau Veritas creates an innate calm for customers because they know that the certifications issued are real are.

The Spanish luxury association is recognized by the Ministry of the Interior and has promoted Spain’s image through embassies in more than 8 countries in recent years. The association currently brings together more than 120 national and international companies from the luxury sector in Spain and has great influence and international recognition.

In this way, the Luxury Spain Safe Trust seal of approval applies to member companies of the association of the sectors of gastronomy, beauty, fashion and accessories, lifestyle and hotels and is only granted to affiliated companies that comply with preventive measures. , Safety and hygiene, laid down in current legislation. Affiliated companies must be checked by national and international certification bodies.

The Luxury Spain SAFE TRUST seal, which is validated annually according to a methodology and is offered free of charge to the members of the Spanish luxury association Luxury Spain for all products and services that meet the strict certification requirements.

Other agreements based on the blockchain industry

Luxury Spain also announced that it has entered into an agreement with Blocktac, a company dedicated to developing authentication and anti-fraud systems that can be verified from any smartphone using an application.

BlockTac uses blockchain technology to provide inviolability, immutability, and easy verification of all of your digital certificates and stamps. It is supported by professionals with experience in Internet technologies and corporate governance. Our customers include universities, business schools, professional associations, food and consumer goods companies in Europe and Latin America.

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