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The Spanish Hive community is a trend on Twitter in Venezuela

August 20, 2020

The Spanish Hive community managed to be a trend in Venezuela on the social network Twitter last Wednesday, August 19th.

Hive is an open source blockchain that took years of development to bring Web 3.0 to the world. With a diverse community of stakeholders and no control over bad actors, people can experience real personal responsibility for a blockchain and a decentralized cryptocurrency.

Hive has a thriving ecosystem of applications, communities, and individuals using the blockchain and Hive’s decentralized structure. HiveChat was held yesterday, a dynamic Twitter activity that has become trending in Venezuela.

The Spanish Hive community is a trend on Twitter in VenezuelaThe Spanish Hive community is a trend on Twitter in Venezuela

The questions used in #Hivechat were related to the platform: What kind of content do you share on Hive? What are your three favorite dApps in Hive? What are your three favorite users on Hive? What are your three reasons for someone to join Hive? How would you like to contribute to the future of Hive Blockchain?

Hive decentralized network

This hive dynamic is developed in a decentralized network where people express their opinion and share their point of view on a particular topic without any censorship. Likewise, people can generate income with their content and also a space in which they can be authentic. Without a doubt, Hive has grown around the world, and Venezuela is not avoiding this huge boom.

According to some users who participated in this dynamic, it was found that the activity was very fun. They extended the invitation from Hivelatino to speak about various aspects of the digital platform. Support from the Hispanic community was observed throughout the process. The Hivechat had already been created in English, so the idea arose to create it in Spanish

It should be noted that the #Hivechat was conducted in Spanish as a test to measure the behavior of the Hispanic community and the result obtained exceeded all expectations. The activity started at 8:00 p.m. in Venezuela, everything was organized in the Hivelatino telegram group in collaboration with all active hivers.

On the Hive platform, they feel that attention should be directed to promoting decentralization in some way. The Hispanic Hivers and especially the Venezuelans were attentive to the activity, answering the questions and sharing them with other users.

Venezuela and the use of blockchain technology

Now Latin America, in its quest for economic stability and freedom in using its money, has embraced cryptocurrencies and blockchain pretty quickly. Venezuela has been suffering from a severe economic crisis for some time, which has made it one of the countries with the highest blockchain activity in the southern part of the continent.

Today, many freelancers accept payments in various electronic wallets. For his part, There are also a significant number of companies in the Latin nation that accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. as they do not require any third party or approval from a central agency, be it government or banking. Which suggests that the introduction of blockchain technology in the Caribbean country suggests that it will continue to expand.

What was observed yesterday on Twitter with HIve is nothing more than a reflection of a nation where many decentralized technology enthusiasts are trying to take over the spaces and possibilities of the blockchain. to overcome economic, social and even political boundaries.

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